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Um so I began to write this just after I saw it, which was Wednesday afternoon, but then I got too lazy to finish...

Saying goodbye to the icon I'm using now...

my thoughts about the finale )

now some thoughts on the TV I caught up with:
30 Rock: Matt Damon dancing hahaha. Nuff said.
Bones: Hodgins speaking French is hot. What? What plot? Oh yeah, this end is intriguing, I wonder when the next season will begin (in-series timeline, not the date of the premiere lol).
Chuck: awesome finale again! wow this show keeps changing but stays so good
Doctor Who: fun with a side of creepy, yay part 2 tonight
FlashForward: I enjoyed the last 2 episodes (Team John Cho & Dom!!! :D), it would have made a good season finale but alas it's a series finale so...
Glee: I enjoyed it this week. The outfits were hilarious and I liked the songs. And Kurt's dad FTW.
Grey's Anatomy: surprisingly, one of the best finales! Part of it reminded of ER (another very dangerous workplace lol). It was a bit like "let's get rid of the people we don't want as regulars next year!" though.
HIMYM: didn't really like this season finale... why aren't you funny anymore, show?
Community, Parks&Rec, The Big Bang Theory: not their best episodes but solid finales
Parenthood: as usual it's not extraordinary but the characters feel real and the emotions genuine.

Almost everything's on hiatus now. :(
According to my calendar, I only have 18 episodes scheduled to air in June.
But I have plenty of stuff stored in hard drives and on DVDs to watch! Like Life on Mars (UK of course)! Maybe I'll also try Farscape (my dad owns a few seasons on DVD). And watch the dozens of movies I own and haven't seen yet!
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In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

and now something amusing...

ship me meme

ok I've seen HIMYM & Chuck so far (so I'm available to talke about them hehe), now off to see TBBT!

Anyone else find it amusing that as people who don't live in North America we're not supposed to have seen last night's HIMYM and yet I was able to buy "Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit" from iTunes France? I mean, it shouldn't be available internationally unless they make it so (for instance I was curious and wanted to check out the Chuck iPhone app and I can't access it).
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woohoo Team Galactica won the Team Theme Challenge @ [livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies!
I'm proud of the fleet :)

I think we really did a good job with the Theme Song. We adapted "I will survive" with our own lyrics and made a music video using footage from the show. I did the editing ;) I think any BSG fan could enjoy watching this? Video contains spoilers up to series finale.

lyrics )

Catching up with Monday TV... so far I've only watched HIMYM and BBT (my priorities) and loved them!

spoilery thoughts )

off to watch Castle now ^^
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1. I'm playing the new Professor Layton game on Nintendo DS and Luke gets to take care of a hamster for a minigame. The goal is to make the hamster exercise because he's fat. And they ask you to name the hamster. Guess how I called him. HINT.

2. Do you like BSG? And awesome icons? That are funny and pretty? Then go vote at [livejournal.com profile] starttheclock's epic 100th challenge! With categories such as Best powerful/well done death or Character Who Would Have the Best Blog!

3. I made 2 BSG fanvids in 3 days. O_o And I'm quite happy with them. The fact that I kept a lot of episodes as avi even though I have the DVDs and knows the show well enough to remember which scenes are more fitting from which episode makes the process much faster.

4. Scenes from the BSG finale with isolated score. Wow.

5. I took this test pretending I was a character from Lie to Me. Scored a bit above average.

6. The Darjeeling Limited is a great movie. It looks gorgeous and I loved the editing. And the music. Surprise!Joe Dassin! lol

7. Awesome pic of Michael Hogan channeling Saul Tigh, cute Twitpic of Alyson&Jason on the set of HIMYM, amazing LOST poster

8. Casting spoilers: I don't really care about the Chuck one and the Dollhouse one made me go "shocking! lolz but awesome"

9. VERY spoilery pics from The Big Bang Theory S3 premiere. LOL at their looks and a slice of DNW.

10. Christopher Moore is doing research for a book in Paris and his blogs are hilarious. Including a reference to Psych! (mispelled "Psyche" and Shawn is mispelled "Sean" but whatever)
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LOL the content of Twilight, broken down, including sub-categories for the references to Edward's beauty and the number of times he sparkles

now have this random quote from Ron Moore from BSG episode 4x05 commentary )

I finished HIMYM, I want more! But last Monday's episode was meh. Go away Britney please.

OMGOMGOMGOMG DOLLHOUSE PROMO PICS!!!!!!!!!!! (where's Amy though???)
and the show is picked up for 13 episodes starting mid-season! (The show will be the lead-in for '24' in January on Monday nights)
OMG AND WE HAVE A TRAILER NOW!!! *waits for it to load*


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