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Just found this and I want to dedicate it to the Lost&BSG obsessed fans of my flist (you KNOW who you are)

this BSG one set to Sia's Breathe Me is AMAZING. And it has, like, ALL the characters

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EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Scenes from the HP movies set to the Harry and the Potters songs. Awesome.

Wizard Chess

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I'm (finally) going to see OotP tonight, can you tell?

Gosh, I wish I could go to a HP Party wearing my Gryffindor hoodie, dance and bounce to Wizard Rock until midnight, buy the final book and read it. That'd be a perfect July 21st.
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Blame [livejournal.com profile] sideshowkat... I YouTubed the cartoons of my childhood... in French of course lol sometimes they translated the lyrics, sometimes they made new theme songs, and sometimes the cartoons were French anyway...
Some of them are Japanese mangas that were censored so that children could watch them here lol

here )

omg in the "related" section on YouTube I saw some 90's boys bands videos. This is hilarious.

Oh and sign this! Petition to change the stupid STUPID schedule for Lost this summer on the French channel TF1
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Brian Joubert FTW!!! Iceskating World Champion yay! The first in 42 years! w00t!

gURL.comI took the "What's So Funny?" quiz on gURL.com
My sense of humor is...

Do you think comedy can serve a higher purpose? Or maybe you just like poking fun at people. Either way, you seem to enjoy satirical humor. Satire is the use of irony and wit to expose the unethical or just plain ridiculous aspects of society. Read more...

What is your sense of humor?

this says I might like The Office hahahaha

Speaking of which...
The Office + Mika = WIN WIN WIN

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LOST 3.13 )
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I found a video of the TV version of the Enfoirés concert on YouTube and I saw myself!!!
I can be seen at about 1:04, my hair tied, shaking my head and there's a tall guy behind me

PS for [livejournal.com profile] gabsy: Patrick Bruel and Garou sing in this LMAO
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Lost was meh. And with a serious lack of Jears. Come ON!

Now I'm spending time on youtube... I've watched all the deleted scenes from The Office (OMG all the BSG references!!!) and now am watching funny Lost music vids.

Lost/RotK trailer!!! AWESOMO
Charlie with Elijah's voice lmao

more, including my personal favorites... fandom crossovers!!!! )
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Jenna Fischer blogs about director Joss Whedon as:;rmfjmja^cncmkn
(and she posts from the desk of Pam Beesley!)

This week we are shooting with hot shot director Joss Whedon! This has been especially exciting for me because I already knew Joss. (He has known my husband for a long time.) Joss has quickly become one of our favorite directors. The crew loves him. He's a huge fan of the show and therefore gets really into every detail of the show. He watches us even when we are in the background of a scene and compliments our smallest of choices. It's been a total dream. I'm currently the background of a scene and I can see him hunched over the monitors watching a scene and giggling like a little girl. I'm going to miss him.

and also mentions the next episodes! OMG this sounds so great!

In officeland…our newest scripts are SO GOOD that I actually yelped during our latest script reading. When I heard the plot of our next script I gasped! I wish I could say more. I think you will be very pleased. There are lots of cringy, wonderful, funny moments. And some very touching ones as well.

[livejournal.com profile] ack_attack linked to a video of The Office as a psychological thriller!!! OMG it's so well-done and hilarious

Also on the funny side, Lost: The Final Episode (with Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Benry... and a guest star!)

and this one: what really happens in the office of the writers of Lost!
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I've just watched On a Clear Day on my TV ;)) YAY BILLY!!! I loved him in that movie! And my mom too lol. After a few minutes she said "isn't that a Hobbit? It's Pippin!"
Hours of showing her the LotR DVD extras finally paid off.

I was looking for some Friends bloopers on Youtube and I found some Enfoirés videos!

lolz if you want to see the kid from Les Choristes (The Choir) rap on La Tribu de Dana, well... in fact they all make me laugh, it's so not their thing but it's fun

[livejournal.com profile] gabsy, you need to watch the first one under the cut, there's Patrick Bruel in it lolz. And he's singing with a singer from Québec ;)

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I'm bored. In 27 minutes my download of episode 2.02 of BSG will be complete but until then I'm wandering on this great Arrested Development website.
And this brought me to YouTube because I wanted to see again and again the chicken dances. Seriously, these bring me to tears of laughter every damn time! Especially George Sr saying "Coocoocacha".

Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?

more AD great videos! )

BTW watched Monster-in-law last night and yay there was Will Arnett in it! And also that guy who played that teacher who seduces his students in Veronica Mars (season 1)


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