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Apparently this pic is from the TV Guide article that I'm avoiding because I heard it's spoilery for BSG...

(click for bigger pic)

if you're looking for me, I'm busy taking a cold shower
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FOX's SoFresh campaign is pretty... and reminded me of that Trucco shoot... I just couldn't help making this
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BEST. CAST. EVER. (except for the LotR cast, but still, best cast on TV)

Just saying. More REALLY AWESOME pictures at Trucco's website. (only spoilery if you haven't seen season 4.0 yet)

I want icons!!!

(lol they all have their own tag in my LJ)
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... how did that video get there? (video by me, and [livejournal.com profile] aurelianne edited it with music as my camera sucks and has no sound)

I posted it here last year in a friends only post as we were not supposed to take vids during the talk... so I'm curious... how? Now that it's done I don't mind but still... confusing

Speaking of conventions, as I've finally typed down most of the Galactica Four talks now, [livejournal.com profile] benelie has started to post them along with pictures at our new community, [livejournal.com profile] 3xcusemyfrench.
You can read about how Chris Carter wrote Krycek for Callum Keith Rennie here or how Al Pacino likes to stare at Luciana Carro's boobs there.

ETA: ok, tracked the video down at the Sci-fi Tahmoh Penikett Appreciation Thread... but I don't feel like looking through 617 pages! hahaha
Found it, thank you google. It's linked here, now whose photobucket account is this? I do like a bit of sleuthing lol
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Sorry about the re-posting, Kat didn't like my first poll and LJ does not want me to include a new poll in an old entry, pffft. Previous post is deleted.

Help [livejournal.com profile] sideshowkat and I settle on this:

[Poll #1252628]

In other news, the official Dr Horrible OST is so pretty to my ears after weeks of listening to the ripped audio. Though Penny's Song sounds a bit saturated to me... ? Lyrics and Liner Notes! Vocals Recorded on March 1st - 5th in Joss’ loft hehe

Zack Whedon's photos from Comic Con are awesome. My favorites are this one, that one, and that other one.

lol Tahmoh at DC... talking Dollhouse... and looking like a pimp?
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So many Joss itws everywhere! From this one:
Must be a nice pat on the back for them to know what a fan you are of the show [BSG]?
Well I’m not the only one, but yeah I’m pretty passionate about the show. I stole Tahmoh [Penikett] and I’ll steal again!


Another Tahmoh's itw, this time more about Dollhouse, in which he admits being a terrible singer aww.

I loved Act II of Dr Horrible of course, especially the NPH/Felicia Day duet! And you know, that Hammer line. LMAO someone give Nathan his own comedy NOW!

Vote for challenge 1 at [livejournal.com profile] iconstant!!! You just have to pick 5 favorties! So many great icons, wow.
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I need more Dr Horrible icons! Where are they?
I was singing A Man's gotta do all day long in my head at work. A bit embarrassing as it makes me grin like an idiot.
I heard the three Cow-Boys from Bad Horse are the three Whedon brothers? lol

Tahmoh itw!!! In which he looks hot (duuuh) and doesn't want to talk about BSG's last shooting day because he might "break down and cry on [you]". Aww. And mentions that the ending is "perfect".

DW rewatching: Last night I watched The Girl in the Fireplace. LOVE that episode. Still one of my favorites.

Amy Poehler in the Office spin-off... thoughts? I mostly know her as Wife of GOB lol.
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I shouldn't post at this time of the day but... my day is probably going to suck (exams) and... I saw this!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I totally feel good now!!!
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There are audio bits of the hilarious "Whose line is it anyway?" improv from the Galactica 3 con on Leah Cairns' website!!! So many memories! Laughed so hard I cried.

audio includes:
- as a musical
- as Gangsta rap
- Bollywood style
- as a Boys band

(someone can please remind me where the original scene is from? I can't seem to find which episode it was!)

Frakkity frak!
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Hey guys!

All About Tahmoh Penikett is having a banner contest and you can pick your 3 favorites here. Tahmoh will then choose the winner among the top voted banners.

(and yeah if you're wondering, I made one! :p will not tell you to keep the voting fair but can you guess which one?)
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BSG season 4 promo pics!!! ashgdjfmdkjùsjsdljd HiRes please?

all those including Helo in HiRes here asgbdkhndlùjsdùms
ETA: now she's adding all of them!!!! yay!!!

oh Gaius, are you wearing a bathrobe?
I love that all the main characters, even secondary, are in the promos!
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TV.com awards... hahahahahahaha YES. WORD.

(how did that happen though?)

and Grace won too!

aw much as I love them... how???

also: Lost got editor's choice as best show AND best drama AND best episode and BSG as best sci-fi
ok, I love Scrubs but there's no way season 6 was better than The office!

Hey, I forgot to mention that I won the screencap contest at [livejournal.com profile] lost_tv! lol I was SURE that I wouldn't be the quickest to get them all right but I wanted to play anyway. My obsessive re-watching paid off.
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awww Leah Cairns

I'm sure some of you are going to love these bits:

I'd like to ask how it is to work with some colleagues of yours. What it's like working with Katee Sackhoff?
(laughing) Katee is like the class clown. She's always trying to make everybody laugh. She's always disruptive, in a good way. She's always... Her and Helo... I always call Tahmoh Helo, it cracks him up. Her and Tahmoh are forever always wandering around doing their little skits, pretending they're Russians. Just goofing off and being complete dorks. She's hilarious to work with.

Tahmoh Penikett?
Tahmoh? Tahmoh is the gentle giant. He's lovely, he's calm. If ever I need someone to bounce something off that I'm not sure about, like a scene that I'm doing, I go to Tahmoh and he's always got some great insight into it. He's very introspective, and if you ever need to talk politics, you go talk to Tahmoh.

I love how she's pimping Nobody's Watching again!!!

NobodysWatching.TV. Basically Paul's character is Paul.
Yeah! (laughing)
You're going to laugh so hard. He got... He's going to love me for this one. He got naked at my wedding!

the Paul Campbell naked story! )

The Helo and Racetrack "backstory" hahaha )

Also, a Tahmoh itw but it's quite short compared to Leah "can't stop talking" Cairns
the boxing scene with Helo and Lee in Unfinished Business took 8 hours to shoot!
I just finished some mid-season stuff that I'm really prevalent in. YAYYYYYY
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taken from everyone, it's all over the place again

(1) List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them.
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people. Anyone do it!

my picks )

I guess I don't have a "type"?

seeing all these lists gave me this thought: do you think that for every celebrity, no matter how "small" or obscure he/she is, there's someone somewhere who'd put them on their list?
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speaking of Bambi, remember my Helospam? Now there's Leespam!
Hhhhot and funny ;)

I'm not the only one with the silly manips... [livejournal.com profile] benelie did some too...

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omg! not a (completely) con related post!

work is going okay even though I'm still tired and tend to fall asleep reading scientific papers in the morning

my parents are coming back on Sunday and according tomy brother they tried to call me last weekend *facepalm*
and said they didn't know I was away... sure... my mom and I made plans to give keys to the neighbour to feed our cat, and then I told her not to use the black suitcase because I'd need it... I think their brains are in vacation too!

... I have nothing else to say, really

received my tickets for the LFFC today!! they're so shiny! I'll have to take pictures of them! Dom photoshoot! omg!

oh and I thought about yet some other thoughts and funny stories heard during the Galactica con )

off to watch some Buffy now!


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