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Jan. 29th, 2010 06:25 pm
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mmm seems like I'm friends with Photoshop again

because... new layout! [ profile] hobbitofkobol [ profile] hobbitofkobol [ profile] hobbitofkobol!!!

I checked my layout tag and turns out I'd had my Team Tahcco layout since April 8... 2008! And the change before that was in July 2007.

And my laptop wallpaper? Haven't changed it in more than 2 years (it's still BSG's Last Supper photoshoot). I guess I'm a creature of habit.

So as usual I changed everything about my LJ: colors, header, titles, mood theme, friends only banner, default icon... everything has to match! I'm particularly proud of what I did with the "leave a comment" & "comments" text. And "current music" and "current mood".

The only thing I never change is my "name". I've been "The Other Crazy French Chick" since we met Rousseau on Lost and it doesn't feel right to change it just as the show is about to end!

Maybe I'll change my profile too. Not sure.

I need to work on the alphabet meme... all pictures are ready but I haven't typed anything past letter G... oops.
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I changed my layout at [ profile] brandyhall_art, it was just not right. Header too big, etc.
I have to admit that the new one is droolworthy ♥
Also managed to get an appropriate mood theme by switching to Plus Account and then switching back, neat!
Also changed the profile!
What do you think?
ETA: my host is being wonky... :( if the images do not show, it's normal, just try later I guess... even's homepage is down so it's not just me

Also changed the mood theme at this journal. ^^

I signed up for the next round of [ profile] fuselage_lims. Obviously I have no will power.

Important poll for all of you now, especially icon makers and people who like icon contests in general.
I used to love a community called [ profile] lost_teh_fun which was basically a Lost icon contest with FUNNY entries ONLY. Too bad it died 18 months ago :( But I’m thinking of opening a similar community.
So can you go fill this poll?

I'm re-watching season 5 of SFU and lol, Jenna Fischer was in the first two episodes. Very curly-haired and different from Pam!
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I changed my layout! Going back to The Boxer style.
Mmmm... meant to do sth related to the Office but then I came across a GORGEOUS pic in my folders and just couldn't not use it. It's so pretty and classy. (see icon for preview haha)
CHECK IT OUT! [ profile] merry_holdwine [ profile] merry_holdwine [ profile] merry_holdwine

I don't have a matching mood theme, and didn't want to find one so I'm using my JD mood theme now, and I also changed my two Friends Only banners (on my journal and user info) to Firefly and The Office, yay so many fandoms! :D

mmm... lazy Sunday...
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Four things:

- Happy Birthday [ profile] tigereyed24!!!
- I temporarily changed my header to match my "current obsession" hahaha check it out. (mmm there's sth wrong with it, I have no idea why but arf, I'll change that later)
- Who could upload me the song from the beginning credits of Veronica Mars? I can't stop singing it. And also, does anyone know/have the song from the Adidas commercial? The one with the two kids playing football with their favorite players.
- I watched the Ghost Whisperer episode featuring Sean Maher and yum!

He's so pretty in it that I can't resist making a picspam (about 50 caps) )

New layout!

Sep. 8th, 2005 09:32 am
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see here: [ profile] merry_holdwine
What do you think? It's a HP one with pics from GoF and quote from CoS.

I think I'm gonna take these 85 additional userpics... I'm addicted to change my pic when posting now!


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