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Um so I began to write this just after I saw it, which was Wednesday afternoon, but then I got too lazy to finish...

Saying goodbye to the icon I'm using now...

my thoughts about the finale )

now some thoughts on the TV I caught up with:
30 Rock: Matt Damon dancing hahaha. Nuff said.
Bones: Hodgins speaking French is hot. What? What plot? Oh yeah, this end is intriguing, I wonder when the next season will begin (in-series timeline, not the date of the premiere lol).
Chuck: awesome finale again! wow this show keeps changing but stays so good
Doctor Who: fun with a side of creepy, yay part 2 tonight
FlashForward: I enjoyed the last 2 episodes (Team John Cho & Dom!!! :D), it would have made a good season finale but alas it's a series finale so...
Glee: I enjoyed it this week. The outfits were hilarious and I liked the songs. And Kurt's dad FTW.
Grey's Anatomy: surprisingly, one of the best finales! Part of it reminded of ER (another very dangerous workplace lol). It was a bit like "let's get rid of the people we don't want as regulars next year!" though.
HIMYM: didn't really like this season finale... why aren't you funny anymore, show?
Community, Parks&Rec, The Big Bang Theory: not their best episodes but solid finales
Parenthood: as usual it's not extraordinary but the characters feel real and the emotions genuine.

Almost everything's on hiatus now. :(
According to my calendar, I only have 18 episodes scheduled to air in June.
But I have plenty of stuff stored in hard drives and on DVDs to watch! Like Life on Mars (UK of course)! Maybe I'll also try Farscape (my dad owns a few seasons on DVD). And watch the dozens of movies I own and haven't seen yet!
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and boy do they bring controversy! it feels like there was a big meeting with all the TV writers from every show, exchanging crack and weird-to-lame plot twists while mocking the shippers

spoilers for House, LOST, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, The Office (and fyi I'm sometimes writing about several shows at once) )
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hey, guess what? I bought the DVD of the concert yesterday and... the editing is different and they cut my close-up! :(((
I managed to spot me in the audience at one point though. And I saw my mum like dozens of times lol. They kept doing wide shots on the crow where my mum was sitting.

I'm now up to episode 3x07 of Grey's Anatomy, woohoo! This show is like comfort food on screen for me. lol
I need to dld some more but my dad will probably monopolize the computer today.

My letter from Free finally arrived, I now have 1Go (which I can bring to 10 Go) free internet storage! yay! I'll reupload my mood themes there tomorrow I think.

Anyway... how's your Sunday to far, flist??? Lazy, like mine?
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Mmm. We finished watching season 2 of Grey's Anatomy last night. )

Does someone know where I could fing good GA icons without getting spoiled for season 3?

Now I need to see season 3, but I don't have much time to dld it as my dld week is already busy and it takes me like 3 hours per episode and my internet is very slow while I do this. And I think I'll try and dld the two first episodes of House today, because it's starting to air on TF1 tonight but starting with episode 3, the morons. If my opinion mattered and my TV was plugged to the audience ratings things, I wouldn't watch it as a protest.

off to apply to some job offers now
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Remember my job interview back a month ago? After I re-wrote them an email, they finally wrote me a letter telling me I didn't get it. I was sure of that but come ON! I just don't get how companies can be so unpolite and don't tell you you don't get a job until you ask them. That's just rude and disrespectful. Unfortunately they all do that. And they call themselves human resources.

Watched some more Grey's Anatomy and there was Terrence Steadman from PB, Micah from Heroes and Duncan from VM! lol My mom recognized Duncan as she watches VM everyday with me now.

omg Chris Lowell and Kristen Bell are so cute )

Last night I watched Music&Lyrics on Danielle's recommandation... omg that was such a cute movie!!! and has Hugh Grant singing and shaking his butt dancing and being overall charming and very cute Drew Barrymore. The clip at the beginning made me laugh so much. The music is very addictive. I had a look on allocine.fr to see the French name of the movie and its release date... March 14th... and its name is now Le Come-Back. Ew. I mean, the purpose of a different name is to make it French-ier.

My internet is being wonky again... *sigh*
I'm writing this offline and my Office download cut at 51% :(( I want to see the JJ Abrams episode!

And gotta go, we have movie tickets expiring tonight so my mom and I are going to see sth... not sure what yet because there are no movies I'm dying to see right now... mmm...

Internet is working again! (for how long?) Huzzah! *posts before it cuts again*
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what? no updates during the weekend?

well my dad has monopolized the internet computer quite much (scanning old photos) and my niece is at home and the spare time I had was spent:

- making Lost icons (63!!! I think it's my record for ONE episode but what can I say, it has a lot of my favourite characters in it). Speaking of icons, my journal has now 202 watchers! Damn it, I missed the "200".
- watching TV shows on TV! (as in "not on my computer"). I'm now up to episode 2.17 of GA (OMG they made the guys from Early Edition go splodey!). I actually now like it enough I might consider downloading season 3 when we're done with season 2.
also saw the season 1 Xmas episode of Bones (I love how Brennan has no social life and doesn't understand what people mean sometimes lol) and the second episode of HIMYM but it was in French so not funny imho. And I'm not used to comedies shot with an audience anymore lol.
- watching Marseille-Nantes on TV. We didn't lose, whoa. Knowing that we had half the usual team missing for suspensions and injuries, that's sth. It was the first game ever for one of our youngsters (who's 18 and whose name is Vainqueur which is Winner is French lmao). Barthez saved the day. But things are bad because all the teams just before us won. Damn. And they won in places unexpected. Frick on a brick with a stick!
- teaching myself how to burn DVDs from a VHS source on my parents' DVD recorder and then how to rip DVDs. Which means I watched my "Nantes, French Champions 2001" VHS and felt very nostalgic. Also ripped a 6 minutes-long video of the most important goals of our 40 years in 1st league (well the DVD is a few years old).

*waits for BSG download to finish*
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OMG! I found a French site about The Office! (all versions)

So I'm pimping it: THE OFFICE FR

Of course I register in the forum right away and I'm the... THIRD member lmao. And the first girl! So please French-speaking people who love The Office, don't hesitate to join us!

Tonight I watched my first episodes of Grey's Anatomy EVER. That was fun. Not sure that I'm going to love it, but it's entertaining enough. And lol there was Callum Blue as a crazy biker! I was all like OMG MASON!!!


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