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Hey guys!

All About Tahmoh Penikett is having a banner contest and you can pick your 3 favorites here. Tahmoh will then choose the winner among the top voted banners.

(and yeah if you're wondering, I made one! :p will not tell you to keep the voting fair but can you guess which one?)
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I can post!!!!! HUZZAH!!!!!!! After 4 freaking days!!!

For now I'm only giving you links:
Vote at the Fandom Superlatives! It's fun!
How Charlie died challenge LOLOLOL

Join [livejournal.com profile] watch_lost! and [livejournal.com profile] office_olympics!

I made quote icons! AD and BSG!

I'll be back later with my Muhney videos and the first part of a certain picspam hem hem
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The poll for the SeriesSub Awards is EVIL. How on Earth am I supposed to choose between Hiro and Hurley in the "most likeable" section or between Benry, Dexter, Lamb, Six, Sylar and T-Bag in the Villain/Psychopath section???
I'm trying to give some love to every fandom but it's so hard! And I'm annoyed at the fact that The Office is NOT nominated as best Comedy, WTF. It made it easier to vote for Scrubs but still.
Also, no Drive as best cancelled show :((((((
Anyway, if you speak French, go vote!
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voilà, j'en parle car c'est une de mes séries préférées, encensée par la critique, adorée par Joss Whedon entre autres... et elle passe enfin sur une chaîne hertzienne française à partir de lundi!

donc si vous n'avez jamais eu la possibilité de regardez... c'est désormais
du lundi au vendredi à 18h55 sur M6 à partir du 19 février

donc même si la VF est... pas terrible, que les bandes annonces de M6 en font une série gnian gnian pour ados, donnez-lui une chance et regardez!

(que je pique à Do You Like Marshmallows, super site francophone sur la série)
Veronica Mars, jeune adolescente habitant à Neptune, vit seule avec son père Keith depuis que sa mère est partie de la maison familiale. Lorsque sa meilleure amie, Lilly Kane, se fait assasiner chez elle, Keith, alors shérif de la ville, accuse le père de la victime, Jake Kane, un des hommes les plus riches et les plus puissants de Neptune, du meurtre de sa fille. Après plusieurs mois d'enquêtes, il est licencié de son poste et décide de créer sa propre agence de détective privé, Mars Investigations, à laquelle Veronica participe activement.
Mais depuis cet énènement, Veronica est reléguée au rang des exclus du lycée, où l'apparence et l'argent sont les deux principaux critères de sélection des élèves populaires.

+ de détails )

Critiques (bonnes haha), même une de Télérama! )

Best. Show. Ever. ~ Joss Whedon
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OMG! I found a French site about The Office! (all versions)

So I'm pimping it: THE OFFICE FR

Of course I register in the forum right away and I'm the... THIRD member lmao. And the first girl! So please French-speaking people who love The Office, don't hesitate to join us!

Tonight I watched my first episodes of Grey's Anatomy EVER. That was fun. Not sure that I'm going to love it, but it's entertaining enough. And lol there was Callum Blue as a crazy biker! I was all like OMG MASON!!!
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oh, I almost forgot! funny conversation today at work:

Boss: I hate it when colleagues don't know how to use email. Like, they write everything capslocked. It's annoying and aggressive.
Me: *thinking of Harry in OotP* Yes, as if they were shouting.
Boss: Exactly.
Coworker: Like in books, when people shout, sometimes they use that.
Me: *still thinking of Harry in OotP* YEAH!
Coworker: I'm reading HP right now, the fifth book and...
Me: I KNOW! Harry is always angry and shouting!


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[livejournal.com profile] hh_sorting is a brand new Harry Potter sorting community! We have classes, sorting,quidditch, competition, friends, and fun! Compete against other houses for the House Cup, stop by our RPG community, or simply chat with fellow students in the Great Hall. We pride ourselves on our polite sorting techniques and our welcoming attitudes towards all students. Apply today and join in the fun!

I got sorted in Ravenclaw! But I also got many votes for Hufflepuff. And the people there do a deep analysis of your sorting application! Yay Harry Potter fun!


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