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The past 2-3 days I've rewatched 17 episodes of LOST (while doing other things) and I'm finally in the mood for it! w00t! This is great because I'm going to be really psyched watching the final season.

It's fun to see how back in season 1 the major problem of the week could be "a boar is stalking Sawyer!" hahaha
So many classic moments. I can quote so much dialogue.

As a result, I'm being a total nerd about it and found it amusing to play with my MiniPiano app on my iPhone and find the melody of one of the major themes of the show.

Speaking of LOST, awesome link from [livejournal.com profile] truffle_shuffle, 5 suggestions for a Lost Theme Park Attraction.

And this is why Damon and Carlton are awesome.

On Scrubs this week (yes I'm still watching) there was a LOST fan and the douchebag played by James Franco's little brother tells him that LOST is cancelled and "oh no too many questions unanswered!" to distract him from an exam.

You know who likes LOST too? Lie To Me showrunner/The Shield creator Shawn Ryan.

I was bored last night waiting for my FNL download and ended up watching episode 3 of The Vampire Diairies and actually enjoyed it! (I had stopped after 2 eps but then [livejournal.com profile] benelie gave me the rest of them last December) Maybe after Boone died he became a vampire. (see? Lost is on my mind)

So now what should I do... watch more Vampire Diairies or watch a movie? mmm...

what a random TV entry. I felt spammy today.
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You know which Tv show I like but never talk about? Bones. I watch it on French TV and I didn't really like it at first, I was whining that it was yet another crime show but my parents liked it so... and now I like the characters very much, Brennan is so funny with her non-existant life, lack of cultural references but knowledge of random stuff. Also, it has a lot of humor, which is rare for a crime show! Oh and yes of course David Boreanaz ^^
In the 3 episodes I saw today I managed to spot that-Marshall-who-want-to-catch-Kate-from-Lost (Fredric Lane I think), Liam Fitzpatrick from VM and squeeeeeeeeeeee Adam Baldwin!!! I almost started singing "the man they call Jayne".

The Office was back! )

And Scrubs was on too )

going to bed now, leaving tomorrow morning...
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Celebrity Association Meme (mine)

Made some icons from old Scrubs episodes

... I'm going to bed

(OMG it's already CAPSLOCKE DAY on my side of the ocean!!!)
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How did I miss that?
LMAO Sneak Peak at the Scrubs Musical!!!
that's Turk and JD singing "Guy Love" awww a tribute to the love they share (but in a manly way lol)
and they sing very well! (well, especially Donald Faison)

Let's face the facts about me and you
a love unspecified
though I'm proud to call you Chocolate Bear
the crowd will always talk and stare

I'm too lazy to type the rest of the lyrics :p

I'm making Office icons! w00t! so many great Jim faces

btw I watched all season 2 of the Office UK :( but I don't have the Xmas special, I NEED IT!!!
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yay for my two favorite comedies! (that haven't been cancelled yet, ha)

The Office + Scrubs = SO MUCH LOVE

cut for spoilers )

it's the weekend! yay! finally! I'm so tired with being sick, I just want to sleep.

gotta go make my entry for [livejournal.com profile] scrubs_lims now


phew! for a moment internet was not working, I thought I would get eliminated from the contest for not having been able to post my icon! done now
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LOST 3.04 )

Hey, I heard Scrubs is coming back on November 30th on NBC at 9:00pm, just after The Office!!! Yay Thursdays!!!
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I've just heard a rumor: Season 6 could be the last Scrubs season for Zach Braff. He wants to make more movies (which is very fine with me).
(and honestly, Scrubs without J.D. had absolutely no interest).

source: in French

*starts panicking*


ETA: Wednesday WLost Wone! by [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack!
It's like, you know, a Friday Five dedicated to Lost except that it's on Wednesdays. And it has only one question. She wrote two questions!
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I found this gif of one of my favorite goals ever in the history of football. Of course it's a FC Nantes goal.
Nantes-Paris in 1994-1995 (a very good season because we won the League and lost only one game)

made some Scrubs icons, animating icons amuses me much

tonight one of my friends is visiting me (she travels a lot for her job) and my mum asked her to have dinner with us. I have to show her my Canada photo album (she was there too)!

and also, [livejournal.com profile] spookygal rocks very much ♥


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