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Except I'm not using the icon in question because it's spoilery for both BSG & Dollhouse series finales.

so it's here )
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1. I'm playing the new Professor Layton game on Nintendo DS and Luke gets to take care of a hamster for a minigame. The goal is to make the hamster exercise because he's fat. And they ask you to name the hamster. Guess how I called him. HINT.

2. Do you like BSG? And awesome icons? That are funny and pretty? Then go vote at [ profile] starttheclock's epic 100th challenge! With categories such as Best powerful/well done death or Character Who Would Have the Best Blog!

3. I made 2 BSG fanvids in 3 days. O_o And I'm quite happy with them. The fact that I kept a lot of episodes as avi even though I have the DVDs and knows the show well enough to remember which scenes are more fitting from which episode makes the process much faster.

4. Scenes from the BSG finale with isolated score. Wow.

5. I took this test pretending I was a character from Lie to Me. Scored a bit above average.

6. The Darjeeling Limited is a great movie. It looks gorgeous and I loved the editing. And the music. Surprise!Joe Dassin! lol

7. Awesome pic of Michael Hogan channeling Saul Tigh, cute Twitpic of Alyson&Jason on the set of HIMYM, amazing LOST poster

8. Casting spoilers: I don't really care about the Chuck one and the Dollhouse one made me go "shocking! lolz but awesome"

9. VERY spoilery pics from The Big Bang Theory S3 premiere. LOL at their looks and a slice of DNW.

10. Christopher Moore is doing research for a book in Paris and his blogs are hilarious. Including a reference to Psych! (mispelled "Psyche" and Shawn is mispelled "Sean" but whatever)
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Taking a break from editing my BSG videos (yes, I still have more to upload! if you missed it, I posted the press conference this morning) to post my reaction about the latest episode of Dollhouse.

1x11 Briar Rose )



Feb. 14th, 2009 07:12 pm
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Apparently this is not a popular opinion but I liked Dollhouse. Not the best pilot ever but when I look back at shows I love, very few had a fabulous start (examples of very good pilots that come to my mind are Lost and Firefly-the actual real pilot).

Also, there are been wayyyy too many itws about what the Dollhouse is and who the characters are so I think that many people went "so what... we already know that!"

I wish the beginning credits would include all the cast and not just Eliza :(

spoilery thoughts )

Please be patient American audience! Keep watching!
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Stolen from [ profile] spookygal...

Top 10 shows (currently on air)
(with pictures)
(based the order on "how excited am I about a new episode of this show right now?")

not sure about the order... oh well )

In other news...
- Jamie Bamber itw in which he talks about his favorite part of a woman's body, his bum, sexual tension on screen and threesomes. Yeah, really. I know. The picture is hot too. I still think he's lying about being 5'9''. :p
- After Mark Sheppard and Matt Keeslar... Alan Tudyk and Felicia Day are going to be on Dollhouse! A-Awesome. IS IT FRIDAY YET?
- Albert Barillé died :( He created the "Il était une fois" cartoons and Colargol... idk about the other countries but if you're a French-speaking child of the 70's/80's, you know them.
My favorites: Il était une fois l'homme (Once upon a time... Man) / Il était une fois la vie (Once upon a time... Life) / Il était une fois les découvreurs (Once upon a time... The Discoverers)
- Lorena Gale, who plays Elosha on BSG, is dying from esophageal cancer. :(((
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Sorry about the re-posting, Kat didn't like my first poll and LJ does not want me to include a new poll in an old entry, pffft. Previous post is deleted.

Help [ profile] sideshowkat and I settle on this:

[Poll #1252628]

In other news, the official Dr Horrible OST is so pretty to my ears after weeks of listening to the ripped audio. Though Penny's Song sounds a bit saturated to me... ? Lyrics and Liner Notes! Vocals Recorded on March 1st - 5th in Joss’ loft hehe

Zack Whedon's photos from Comic Con are awesome. My favorites are this one, that one, and that other one.

lol Tahmoh at DC... talking Dollhouse... and looking like a pimp?
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So many Joss itws everywhere! From this one:
Must be a nice pat on the back for them to know what a fan you are of the show [BSG]?
Well I’m not the only one, but yeah I’m pretty passionate about the show. I stole Tahmoh [Penikett] and I’ll steal again!


Another Tahmoh's itw, this time more about Dollhouse, in which he admits being a terrible singer aww.

I loved Act II of Dr Horrible of course, especially the NPH/Felicia Day duet! And you know, that Hammer line. LMAO someone give Nathan his own comedy NOW!

Vote for challenge 1 at [ profile] iconstant!!! You just have to pick 5 favorties! So many great icons, wow.
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it looks so good it deserved its own entry

also: GIP!!!
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LOL the content of Twilight, broken down, including sub-categories for the references to Edward's beauty and the number of times he sparkles

now have this random quote from Ron Moore from BSG episode 4x05 commentary )

I finished HIMYM, I want more! But last Monday's episode was meh. Go away Britney please.

OMGOMGOMGOMG DOLLHOUSE PROMO PICS!!!!!!!!!!! (where's Amy though???)
and the show is picked up for 13 episodes starting mid-season! (The show will be the lead-in for '24' in January on Monday nights)
OMG AND WE HAVE A TRAILER NOW!!! *waits for it to load*
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I shouldn't post at this time of the day but... my day is probably going to suck (exams) and... I saw this!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! I totally feel good now!!!
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There are still songs to guess in the music meme!

haha Riley from Buffy is on House on my TV. He's a soldier, again!

After House I'm going to watch Angel's season 4 finale, omg! Gina Torres as a bid baddie! It amuses me that at the same time Nathan Fillion was a big baddie on BTVS hahaha.
I want to slap Connor, he annoys me. I love all the other characters even the evil ones in their evilness.

ETA: OMFG YOU GUYS!!!!! Paul Campbell auditioned for Dollhouse!!!!!!

(Kim and I totally talked about this possibility a few days ago, though I don't think it was for this role)


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