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"only" one week late, the pictures from the France 98 vs Random European Team game!

We were almost in the center of the field, second row but opposite to the... I don't know what the name in English is, the stand where all the officials and press are and the tunnel where the players come out from. It was a very warm day (got unexpected tan lines, fml), maybe the warmest in August (ugh the weather sucks this summer) but during the first half we had sunlight right into our eyes, which was annoying and made it difficult to take good pictures.

The teams were the 1998 World Champion France team (+ a few others who didn't actually win the cup but 16 of the 22 champions made it!) and random European players (the most famous one was Edgar Davids who actually got his eye surgery in our city years ago).

on to the pictures )


Aug. 11th, 2010 01:10 am
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Movie meme:
Comment with “SHOWTIME!” and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favorite films of theirs.

I chose to mostly interpret this as "favorite movie in which these actors happen to star", not as "movie in which I like their performance best" if that makes sense.

[livejournal.com profile] marshmallow gave me:

The fellas:
01 - Jake Gyllenhaal : Brokeback Mountain (I also want to say Donnie Darko aaaaahhhhhhh)
02 - Morgan Freeman : Se7en
03 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt : Inception
04 - Viggo Mortenson : The Lord of the Rings
05 - Edward Norton : American History X
06 - Ewan McGregor : Moulin Rouge! (though my favorite performance of his is still Trainspotting)
07 - Brad Pitt : (lol his imdb page lists 28(!!!) in development projects) tough, he's been in a lot of movies I love... I've already said Se7en above... maybe Twelve Monkeys?
08 - Hugh Grant : Four Weddings and a Funeral (I'm not sure which one I love best, this one or Love Actually)
09 - Jason Bateman : Arrested Development: the movie Up in the Air
10 - Paul Rudd : Romeo + Juliet

The ladies:
01 - Kristen Bell : Fanboys (I've only seen her in 2 movies)
02 - Eva Green : Casino Royale
03 - Jennifer Connelly : A Beautiful Mind. Wow, I actually hate that movie. But apparently it's the only one I've seen of hers!
04 - Jane Lynch : The 40 Year Old Virgin. I've seen her a lot on TV but not in many movies!
05 - Tina Fey : Mean Girls
06 - Kate Winslet : Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2nd place: Finding Neverland)
07 - Gwyneth Paltrow : Se7en
08 - Cate Blanchett : The Lord of the Rings
09 - Nicole Kidman : Moulin Rouge!
10 - Julianne Moore : Children of Men

+ one picture from the France 98 football game )
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I had forgotten what victory tastes like. It's yummy.

Okay, I realize this is quite cryptic. Some of you are quite new on my flist so you may not know this as the season was over but I'm a HUGE football fan, and by that I mean the real football lol. European. Well, also South-American and African and Asian in fact. Anyway, my mom and I are huge fans (season ticket holders and everything) of our local professional team, FC Nantes (I could write an essay about how we're totally awesome btw but I won't) and after 44 freaking years in Ligue 1 (which is the highest League in France), we sucked a lot and are now in Ligue 2, boo. And the first game of the season was tonight and we kicked Reims' ass! 5-0!!! Yay!!! And there were more than 27,000 persons in the stadium! Unbelievable for a team in Ligue 2! The second best attendance was 9,000. LOL. But anyway, we're now like the "stars" of the Ligue 2, being a club with a high reputation and a lot of trophies and the assholes that had bought us and ruined everything FINALLY sold us to someone else this week. The new players are not brilliant but they're very brave and willing to do good. Everyone was so happy in the stadium, last year was so frustrating and sad that today it felt like a big relief to finally enjoy a game and chant and shout and sing and clap and bounce and hugging their neighbour and do the "ola" (what's the name in English, I've forgotten, is it "wave" or sth?).

That is all. I need to go to sleep now.



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Dear fellow Nantes fans,
Go to England and take football supporter lessons.
no love,

I'm so pissed off I wouldn't know where to start. And no, we didn't lose. But I got very angry at the other fans. Some people started booing when the players arrived on the field for the warm-up, COME ON! So I stood up, turned to them and shouted sth like this "YOU MORONS IF YOU COME HERE TO BOO THEN STAY HOME YOU'LL DO ALL OF US A FAVOR, MERDE" And during the actual game, I made comments very loudly about the stupidity of people.

Things That Don't Help Your Team:
- the silence treatment
- the booing your goalkeeper (but he saw me and my "group" applauding him so he applauding US. ha.)
- the sitting on your ass doing nothing except insulting the chairmen and the referee. I don't like the chairmen even but there's a time for everything.
- the showing your ass (yes, not kidding)
- the shouting about how your players don't make enough effort when you're holding a banner with YOUR BACK TURNED and you don't even SEE what's going on

I hate that there are a few dozens morons that everyone follows like sheep. They think they're better than anyone but they're just little wankers.

ETA: awww these two guys are like BFFs and Dimitri Payet, the small one, just signed his first professional contract so apparently, they're cuddling to celebrate it

and this guy is my favorite right now )
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I found this gif of one of my favorite goals ever in the history of football. Of course it's a FC Nantes goal.
Nantes-Paris in 1994-1995 (a very good season because we won the League and lost only one game)

made some Scrubs icons, animating icons amuses me much

tonight one of my friends is visiting me (she travels a lot for her job) and my mum asked her to have dinner with us. I have to show her my Canada photo album (she was there too)!

and also, [livejournal.com profile] spookygal rocks very much ♥
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We know the groups now! (I'm talking about football)

I was kinda hoping for a flist group with France, the US, Australia and the Netherlands but turned out France is with Togo, Switzerland (again!) and South Korea (OMG Danielle Rousseau vs Jin&Sun? lmao)

*looks for a summary of the groups* found it!

Group A
Costa Rica

Group B
Trinidad and Tobago

Group C
Côte d'Ivoire
Serbia and Montenegro

Group D

Group E
United States
Czech Republic

Group F

Group G
Korea Republic

Group H
Saudi Arabia

Third post of the day, I'm really sorry you guys!


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