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I found a video of the TV version of the Enfoirés concert on YouTube and I saw myself!!!
I can be seen at about 1:04, my hair tied, shaking my head and there's a tall guy behind me

PS for [livejournal.com profile] gabsy: Patrick Bruel and Garou sing in this LMAO
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hey, guess what? I bought the DVD of the concert yesterday and... the editing is different and they cut my close-up! :(((
I managed to spot me in the audience at one point though. And I saw my mum like dozens of times lol. They kept doing wide shots on the crow where my mum was sitting.

I'm now up to episode 3x07 of Grey's Anatomy, woohoo! This show is like comfort food on screen for me. lol
I need to dld some more but my dad will probably monopolize the computer today.

My letter from Free finally arrived, I now have 1Go (which I can bring to 10 Go) free internet storage! yay! I'll reupload my mood themes there tomorrow I think.

Anyway... how's your Sunday to far, flist??? Lazy, like mine?
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ZOMG! I saw myself on TV!!! During the concert!!! And my friend Marie too a few seconds later!
That was during the song Rodéo FYI.
Hey [livejournal.com profile] gossy16, did you notice? They cut the "colors" medley. I hope it's on the DVD! And the videoclip of the single too!

I'm buying it tomorrow! And making caps of... me! lol (if the editing is not different!)
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I'm in complete awe of this video that you must all watch, srly. It made me all kinds of happy and brought me to tears of the same time. I can't believe it took me two weeks to realize it was out there!

It's the official videoclip for the song Aimer à perdre la raison sung by les Enfoirés (remember the concert I went to in January?). The song is about love, obviously, as the title translates as "Love until losing your mind" or sth. In the clip you barely see the artists, only a few seconds at the end.

It's basically Nathalie Baye, a French actress, sitting in a movie theater and watching various clips of very various movies featuring love under all its forms. And when I say various, I mean VARIOUS. There's Marylin Monroe movies, and Disney movies, and Baz Luhrmann movies, and French movies, and even SW or E.T.! I think it's awesome even if you don't understand French at all, all you need to know is that it's about love. The melody is very beautiful.

btw the concert is on TV tomorrow! yay! I'm SO gonna watch it. And look if I can see myself somewhere haha.

ETA: movies list! )
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Tonight I'm going to see Les Enfoirés! w00t! My brother told me about Saturday's concert, it sounded really awesome, and with more than 3 hours of show! And it's the last date so the artists are going to be very motivated!

I've now watched until episode 3.10 of BSG!!! It's funny how )

lol very excited young Office fan

btw: YAY for the SAGs!!! The Office AND Little Miss Sunshine!
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I've just watched On a Clear Day on my TV ;)) YAY BILLY!!! I loved him in that movie! And my mom too lol. After a few minutes she said "isn't that a Hobbit? It's Pippin!"
Hours of showing her the LotR DVD extras finally paid off.

I was looking for some Friends bloopers on Youtube and I found some Enfoirés videos!

lolz if you want to see the kid from Les Choristes (The Choir) rap on La Tribu de Dana, well... in fact they all make me laugh, it's so not their thing but it's fun

[livejournal.com profile] gabsy, you need to watch the first one under the cut, there's Patrick Bruel in it lolz. And he's singing with a singer from Québec ;)

more under the cut to spare the flist )


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