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I've decided to make one today. I had a list of 127 mutual friends, which is crazy. I'm at a point in my "internet life" where I don't necessarily want to interact with that many people everyday. I'm now down to 74(!).

There are a lot of people that I did not connect with/with whom I barely ever interact/I lost touch with. And it feels like the more people I have on my f-list, the less are actually reading my (I have to admit, not that interesting) posts.

When I say we don't interact, I don't mean "omg plz comment on my posts", I'm not fishing for comments and I don't want them to be forced, it has to come naturally. And interaction is not only LJ, I spend a lot of time talking to a bunch of you through other means. This is not a "you don't update enough!" cut either.

On a sidenote, I'm not 100% sure I didn't make any mistake. I feel like maybe there are some people I interact with on Twitter but who have a different username on LJ and I got confused about their identity (I know, I'm lame!). Please tell me if it's the case.

I hope none of you will hate me for this (but if you do, it's your own right). It's not that I don't like you, but I feel like this is the honest thing to do.

And everyone: if you want to defriend me for whatever reason please feel free to do so.

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Just did a friends cut. If you've been cut it's for one (or several) of the following reasons:

- you never update
- we never or barely interact
- yaddi yadda the usual

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Oct. 1st, 2006 07:30 pm
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Sorry about the spamming...

Anyway, I've been wanted to do this for a few weeks now... yeah, a friends-cut. I just feel that my flist is too big and it just didn't "click" with some people, or we drifted apart.

Basically, if I cut you it's because I feel like we never interact, we just don't know each other so I think you're not gonna miss me.

I also declare this day to be "Defriending Amnesty Day" for my journal.
If you added me to your friends list and you never read what I write or don't like what I write or just don't want my often pointless and generalizing ramblings cluttering up your friends pages any more, today is the day to unfriend me. Do it. Go ahead, don't feel bad about it. No worries. No grudges. Everyone has names on their friends list that they haven't the heart to get rid of because they're harmless really, but you just don't read what they write any more. Don't worry about it if I am that person on your list. No need for comments or explanations why - just unfriend me and we shall go our merry ways.


Jun. 12th, 2006 02:56 pm
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Did a small friends cut.
Reasons: you never update or we never interact so I don't think you really mind me cutting you.
No hard feelings I hope ;)


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