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Veronica Mars is over...
:( Goodbye Neptune, I'm gonna miss you.
I'm sad because the show is over.
I'm frustrated because this was awful as a SERIES finale.
I'm bitter because the episodes were very good if you don't consider them as a finale and show the potential that still existed. But wasn't exploited in season 3.

Went to see PotC3 on the first day! Without spoiling anything I'd day it had too many characters, too many betrayals and unbetrayals and it got me very confused at first. Maybe I should have rewatched the second movie beforehands. I liked the second half way better and the final battle (come on, you all know this ends with a battle) is AWESOME. I was surprised by some things in the ending, not very classic. Not saying more because anyway not many people have seen it yet lol.
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The guest list for the Heroes event at the Jules Verne Festival has been updated. In addition to Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb Zachary Quinto (SYLAR) and Missy Peregrym (CANDICE WILMER) will be there!
I'm still hoping for more guests ;)
I'm gonna see members of a TV show cast for real! OMG.

Woke up at 6:45 am this morning and had to drive in heavy traffic. I talked with my appointed counsellor for a while but it was just a kind of introductory meeting. I'm coming back on Wednesday afternoon for a (3-hour!) collective session with general information about job search and stuff.

Time for Vmars on TV now! Ahoy Mateys episode (yay there's Mac in this one)!

ETA: I have sth in common with Angelina Jolie! Who knew?
Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Angelina Jolie
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Remember my job interview back a month ago? After I re-wrote them an email, they finally wrote me a letter telling me I didn't get it. I was sure of that but come ON! I just don't get how companies can be so unpolite and don't tell you you don't get a job until you ask them. That's just rude and disrespectful. Unfortunately they all do that. And they call themselves human resources.

Watched some more Grey's Anatomy and there was Terrence Steadman from PB, Micah from Heroes and Duncan from VM! lol My mom recognized Duncan as she watches VM everyday with me now.

omg Chris Lowell and Kristen Bell are so cute )

Last night I watched Music&Lyrics on Danielle's recommandation... omg that was such a cute movie!!! and has Hugh Grant singing and shaking his butt dancing and being overall charming and very cute Drew Barrymore. The clip at the beginning made me laugh so much. The music is very addictive. I had a look on allocine.fr to see the French name of the movie and its release date... March 14th... and its name is now Le Come-Back. Ew. I mean, the purpose of a different name is to make it French-ier.

My internet is being wonky again... *sigh*
I'm writing this offline and my Office download cut at 51% :(( I want to see the JJ Abrams episode!

And gotta go, we have movie tickets expiring tonight so my mom and I are going to see sth... not sure what yet because there are no movies I'm dying to see right now... mmm...

Internet is working again! (for how long?) Huzzah! *posts before it cuts again*
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I've just watched Veronica Mars.

Mars Bars )
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voilà, j'en parle car c'est une de mes séries préférées, encensée par la critique, adorée par Joss Whedon entre autres... et elle passe enfin sur une chaîne hertzienne française à partir de lundi!

donc si vous n'avez jamais eu la possibilité de regardez... c'est désormais
du lundi au vendredi à 18h55 sur M6 à partir du 19 février

donc même si la VF est... pas terrible, que les bandes annonces de M6 en font une série gnian gnian pour ados, donnez-lui une chance et regardez!

(que je pique à Do You Like Marshmallows, super site francophone sur la série)
Veronica Mars, jeune adolescente habitant à Neptune, vit seule avec son père Keith depuis que sa mère est partie de la maison familiale. Lorsque sa meilleure amie, Lilly Kane, se fait assasiner chez elle, Keith, alors shérif de la ville, accuse le père de la victime, Jake Kane, un des hommes les plus riches et les plus puissants de Neptune, du meurtre de sa fille. Après plusieurs mois d'enquêtes, il est licencié de son poste et décide de créer sa propre agence de détective privé, Mars Investigations, à laquelle Veronica participe activement.
Mais depuis cet énènement, Veronica est reléguée au rang des exclus du lycée, où l'apparence et l'argent sont les deux principaux critères de sélection des élèves populaires.

+ de détails )

Critiques (bonnes haha), même une de Télérama! )

Best. Show. Ever. ~ Joss Whedon
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone blablabla
What did I do? I got a present! But it was a belated bday present lol. From my RL Pippin ;) I miss her :(
And I watched Brokeback Mountain with my parents. My dad thought the movie was not a drama and that they would end up together! LOL
I didn't like the French version though. Jack Nasty has become Jack le dégueulasse which sounds really gross.

Valentine's Day + BSG = WIN WIN WIN

I can't believe no one has guessed my favorite characters from Veronica Mars and Harry Potter!

I'm quite happy with the sigtag I made for myself for heroes-france.com ;)

remember when I told you I read that you could see Serenity (or at least a Firefly class ship) in the BSG mini-series?
a cap to prove it )

wow I have so much silliness saved in my ImageShack account
some of you have seen these but I think most of you haven't

silly manips with Daniel Radcliffe's nekkid pics )

so now my house has got two toasters... )

Veronica Mars was great! Best episode since a very long time.
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[livejournal.com profile] expatiates! I'm listening to Mika right now and you're totally right! It does sound like the Scissor Sisters if Robbie Williams sang lead lol.
Anyway, I like it so far, it puts me in a good mood. Shiny britpop!

Veronica Mars 3.12 )

LOST IS BACK!!! (3.07) )
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So I'm up to date with The Office... OMG just watched the season premiere! So funny. Will talk about it later.

But right now I'm bored, so here's a silly poll about fandom ships.
You can just leave out the ones that you don't watch or have no opinion about.

[Poll #827439]
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The CW made myspace profiles for the characters of Veronica Mars.
And guess what "Mac" wrote in her "interests"... Ron Weasley!!!

Veronica has listed The Office in her favorite shows... and Logan has Arrested Development... this really amuses me a lot.

They are very "in character"... for instance Wallace's interests...

Basketball, building things, quality music, family, friends, flying

Veronica Mars (can you tell she made me write that?)

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Four things:

- Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] tigereyed24!!!
- I temporarily changed my header to match my "current obsession" hahaha check it out. (mmm there's sth wrong with it, I have no idea why but arf, I'll change that later)
- Who could upload me the song from the beginning credits of Veronica Mars? I can't stop singing it. And also, does anyone know/have the song from the Adidas commercial? The one with the two kids playing football with their favorite players.
- I watched the Ghost Whisperer episode featuring Sean Maher and yum!

He's so pretty in it that I can't resist making a picspam (about 50 caps) )


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