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Tonight I went to a football game (we won again, yay) and the club had invited about 6,000 children to see the game for free. So you know kids, they get easily enthusiastic and like us they like to chant for the team. At some moments it was only them chanting one word and I found it creepy and didn't know why I felt like that.

Then I remembered. Children of Earth.

Bloody Torchwood.

Not updating much because of the 1st epic battle at [livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies and because of Shindig at [livejournal.com profile] whedonland. This one's over now, the 1st apocalypse is due in a few days so if you've been wanting to join, now's the time!!! (join Team Firefly! we're the best! :p ok, ok the other teams are pretty awesome too but with names like Team Angel, Team Buffy and Team Dollhouse, they're bound to!) Seriously it's really fun, the activities are very diverse (games! graphics! writing!), there's a lot of crack (like pirate day!) and people are so creative!

Yeah and TV is taking me a lot of time too! Too many shows to watch! Not enough time to post reviews! I do read yours on the f-list and comment when I have sth to say lol. Today was Dollhouse + Psych, which were awesome. And now it's Merlin time!
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Just finished Torchwood (CoE: day five) and am now really depressed :((( Yet I tried to prevent this by eating ice-cream.

Oh bloody Torchwood why did you have to go and be smart and good and make me think and make me cry (you reminded me of BSG). I dealed with you better when you were just cheesy fun.

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Jul. 10th, 2009 11:36 am
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Is it tonight/tomorrow yet???

That was exciting and creepy and a bit shocking!

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The results are pretty clear. 21 persons voted. Some were frustrated by the lack of ticky boxes. :pp

Favorite Doctor.
71,4% picked Ten, 28,6% Nine. As predicted. To be fair, we've learned to know and love Ten for 3 seasons and 5 specials so far while poor Nine only got the one season.

Favorite Companion
Donna won with 52,4%! I'm a bit surprised there, I thought it was going to be a tough battle between Donna and Rose but the Temp from Chiswick got more than twice as many votes as the London shop assistant (23,8%). Martha is a little behind with 14,3%.

Favorite Villains
We have a tie! 38,1% for both The Master and The Weeping Angels. I think The Master is well served by his brilliant portrayal by John Simm, while The Weeping Angels got votes because they're really scary. Many DW villains are dangerous but look too ridiculous to be scary. And Blink is a fantastic episode. The classic Daleks came third with 19%.

Favorite Torchwood Team Member
The big trend here is not who people love but who people don't like I think lol. Assuming that Jack & Gwen are the leads... it's a collective win for the secondary characters Owen, Toshiko and Ianto with 23,8% each. Captain Jack is fourth with 19% while Gwen finishes last with 9,5%.

In other news, not much is going on... booked my train tickets to go to Paris in 2 weeks (French Comic Con, for Jamie&Kandyse)... can't stop making icons for [livejournal.com profile] tvpassiton... [livejournal.com profile] 3xcusemyfrench got a mention in a French magazine (for the BSG itws)... made up with my brother after our argument 2 weeks ago... my dad forgot it was Father's Day until he saw it written on the cake... my mom still hates Gaius Baltar... lol

ETA: BSG fandom lovefest!


Jun. 18th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I'm in a Whoverse mood and decided to check some Classic Who and watched the first episode of the show ever. You know, season 1, black&white TV, 1963! It's funny how everything is different except the theme song and the TARDIS (and the woosh woosh sound it makes).

Anyway, after my season 4 rewatch I was asking myself who my favorite companion is, and recalled how I initially hated Donna in The Runaway Bride and how I instantly loved her in Partners in Crime. Then I wondered what the trend was among my friends... so here's a poll. And of course I decided to also ask about the Doctors, and villains, and Torchwood lol.

[Poll #1417706]
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so yeah, I've finished Torchwood. 2 seasons in 3 days, woo!

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PS: TW icon recs, anyone?


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