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and boy do they bring controversy! it feels like there was a big meeting with all the TV writers from every show, exchanging crack and weird-to-lame plot twists while mocking the shippers

spoilers for House, LOST, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, The Office (and fyi I'm sometimes writing about several shows at once) )
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I need more Dr Horrible icons! Where are they?
I was singing A Man's gotta do all day long in my head at work. A bit embarrassing as it makes me grin like an idiot.
I heard the three Cow-Boys from Bad Horse are the three Whedon brothers? lol

Tahmoh itw!!! In which he looks hot (duuuh) and doesn't want to talk about BSG's last shooting day because he might "break down and cry on [you]". Aww. And mentions that the ending is "perfect".

DW rewatching: Last night I watched The Girl in the Fireplace. LOVE that episode. Still one of my favorites.

Amy Poehler in the Office spin-off... thoughts? I mostly know her as Wife of GOB lol.
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Gotta go. Back on Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a nice weekend you all!

PS: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
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You know which Tv show I like but never talk about? Bones. I watch it on French TV and I didn't really like it at first, I was whining that it was yet another crime show but my parents liked it so... and now I like the characters very much, Brennan is so funny with her non-existant life, lack of cultural references but knowledge of random stuff. Also, it has a lot of humor, which is rare for a crime show! Oh and yes of course David Boreanaz ^^
In the 3 episodes I saw today I managed to spot that-Marshall-who-want-to-catch-Kate-from-Lost (Fredric Lane I think), Liam Fitzpatrick from VM and squeeeeeeeeeeee Adam Baldwin!!! I almost started singing "the man they call Jayne".

The Office was back! )

And Scrubs was on too )

going to bed now, leaving tomorrow morning...
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lol the whole last page of my flist is people complaining that they can't comment.

maybe the Jamboree broke LJ? even if you can't comment, go there, it's the most awesome way to get prepared excited and all fangirly for the return of The Office tomorrow yayyyyyyyy

I'm weak, I claimed BSG at [livejournal.com profile] 10x10variated.

I have 3 rants today.
Uh. At my meeting today there was a cool nice oldish guy but also an obnoxious one who basically kept saying that what we were doing was pointless and whining. For instance, we have to write down our "network" (as in "all the people we know") to sum up what they can do to help us find a job, etc. and the idiot said "I can do it by myself, I don't need other people, what's the point?". The moron. It's not like begging them to find you a job, it's letting them know what you're looking for so that if they hear sth interesting, or know people in the branch, or anything (like borrowing a car, or spending the night at their place if you have an itw in the area). BTW writing down that list? It's gonna take me forever! First, I have a lot of relatives, and now a lot of them are adults. Then I also have to list my friends, my "everyday" connections (like the neighbours or the baker lol), and the friends of friends etc.

And two other rants go to two really bad drivers that crossed my path in a 30 seconds interval. First the guy that overtook me, cutting in so frakking close to me that I got really scared. Not a surprise that his number plate ended in "75". Parisians tsk tsk tsk... just don't drive like the rest of us. Then the old couple who was parked on the side just before my exit and who decided that it was time for them to go back into the traffic just when I was taking the exit. And didn't even notice that they made me jam on the brake. Ring road, I hate thee.

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I'm a little bored so I'm googling memes...
Meme 1 : Characters
Write down the first ten characters who come to mind. Try not to use more than one character from any given fandom.
Now answer the following questions, based on the characters you wrote down above. Absolutely no going back to change the characters you've chosen!

list and questions )

Meme 2: Book titles
Write down the part of speech requested and then fill them in below to create new YA titles from some of our current (and classic) favorites! Feel free to add some of your own creation along the way...
the meme )

Meme 3: Characters again
Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters- one for each letter of the alphabet.
my list )
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Brian Joubert FTW!!! Iceskating World Champion yay! The first in 42 years! w00t!

gURL.comI took the "What's So Funny?" quiz on gURL.com
My sense of humor is...

Do you think comedy can serve a higher purpose? Or maybe you just like poking fun at people. Either way, you seem to enjoy satirical humor. Satire is the use of irony and wit to expose the unethical or just plain ridiculous aspects of society. Read more...

What is your sense of humor?

this says I might like The Office hahahaha

Speaking of which...
The Office + Mika = WIN WIN WIN

The Office + BSG videos! )

Which HP kid am I? )

LOST 3.13 )
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Lost was meh. And with a serious lack of Jears. Come ON!

Now I'm spending time on youtube... I've watched all the deleted scenes from The Office (OMG all the BSG references!!!) and now am watching funny Lost music vids.

Lost/RotK trailer!!! AWESOMO
Charlie with Elijah's voice lmao

more, including my personal favorites... fandom crossovers!!!! )
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Tonight I'm going to see Les Enfoirés! w00t! My brother told me about Saturday's concert, it sounded really awesome, and with more than 3 hours of show! And it's the last date so the artists are going to be very motivated!

I've now watched until episode 3.10 of BSG!!! It's funny how )

lol very excited young Office fan

btw: YAY for the SAGs!!! The Office AND Little Miss Sunshine!
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Jenna Fischer blogs about director Joss Whedon as:;rmfjmja^cncmkn
(and she posts from the desk of Pam Beesley!)

This week we are shooting with hot shot director Joss Whedon! This has been especially exciting for me because I already knew Joss. (He has known my husband for a long time.) Joss has quickly become one of our favorite directors. The crew loves him. He's a huge fan of the show and therefore gets really into every detail of the show. He watches us even when we are in the background of a scene and compliments our smallest of choices. It's been a total dream. I'm currently the background of a scene and I can see him hunched over the monitors watching a scene and giggling like a little girl. I'm going to miss him.

and also mentions the next episodes! OMG this sounds so great!

In officeland…our newest scripts are SO GOOD that I actually yelped during our latest script reading. When I heard the plot of our next script I gasped! I wish I could say more. I think you will be very pleased. There are lots of cringy, wonderful, funny moments. And some very touching ones as well.

[livejournal.com profile] ack_attack linked to a video of The Office as a psychological thriller!!! OMG it's so well-done and hilarious

Also on the funny side, Lost: The Final Episode (with Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Benry... and a guest star!)

and this one: what really happens in the office of the writers of Lost!
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OMG! I found a French site about The Office! (all versions)

So I'm pimping it: THE OFFICE FR

Of course I register in the forum right away and I'm the... THIRD member lmao. And the first girl! So please French-speaking people who love The Office, don't hesitate to join us!

Tonight I watched my first episodes of Grey's Anatomy EVER. That was fun. Not sure that I'm going to love it, but it's entertaining enough. And lol there was Callum Blue as a crazy biker! I was all like OMG MASON!!!
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I think everyone who could be interested in this has already seen it but still...

mine, hahahaha )
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Lost Photoshop Contest Result!

I won a few honorable mentions! yay! if you haven't check out this post, you really should, the manips are hilarious

my entries included Brokeback Mountain, Scrubs, and a weird baby )

BTW [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack!!! I got an idea for another fandom-related contest: what about asking people to take pictures of themselves making a Jim face! (or any other Office character face)
I don't know if that would work, but just imagining it makes me giggly.
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How did I miss that?
LMAO Sneak Peak at the Scrubs Musical!!!
that's Turk and JD singing "Guy Love" awww a tribute to the love they share (but in a manly way lol)
and they sing very well! (well, especially Donald Faison)

Let's face the facts about me and you
a love unspecified
though I'm proud to call you Chocolate Bear
the crowd will always talk and stare

I'm too lazy to type the rest of the lyrics :p

I'm making Office icons! w00t! so many great Jim faces

btw I watched all season 2 of the Office UK :( but I don't have the Xmas special, I NEED IT!!!
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yay for my two favorite comedies! (that haven't been cancelled yet, ha)

The Office + Scrubs = SO MUCH LOVE

cut for spoilers )

it's the weekend! yay! finally! I'm so tired with being sick, I just want to sleep.

gotta go make my entry for [livejournal.com profile] scrubs_lims now


phew! for a moment internet was not working, I thought I would get eliminated from the contest for not having been able to post my icon! done now
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So I'm up to date with The Office... OMG just watched the season premiere! So funny. Will talk about it later.

But right now I'm bored, so here's a silly poll about fandom ships.
You can just leave out the ones that you don't watch or have no opinion about.

[Poll #827439]


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