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Thank you for these 5 seasons, FNL. You were perfect. (whatever, I don't care, I even liked season 2 and its controversial events) The series finale is perfect. Will not say more because some of you watch it on NBC.

I do want to discuss it with ppl who've seen it though, please comment if you feel like it :)

I'm so sad it's over.

;_____; this was my face earlier and still is.

Don't leave me, Mr&Mrs coach.

But at the same time it's a satisfying ending.

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I watched a terrible movie starring Scott Porter (and Alexis Bledel, it's called "The Good Guy"). I thought it was gonna be an average romcom to distract me and noooo it was awful. So after that I needed to erase it from my brain so I decided to watch a bit of FNL and now I've started a rewatch I think (my 1st rewatch of the show). I watched the 2 first episodes and I remembered how I didn't love them because of all the religious stuff. But now that I've seen all the show and am attached to the characters it was ok. And I got more emotional this 2nd time around lol, especially the 2 scenes Coach Taylor has with his QBs in the 2nd episode. Which reminds me... this skit's awesome, The Friday Night Lights Crying Method. I'm gonna miss this show so much when it's gone. :(

My mom had asked my sister-in-law to buy garlic for her (in a farm near her vacation spot or sth) and she joked that it would make vampires go away. So I told her there was no need as you just need not to invite them in. This is where the garlic is now lol.

Jed Whedon's album is awesome.

I've finished season 1 of The Good Wife. Excellent show.

I might have read too many Deathly Hallows movie spoilers. Oh well.

I've seen one of the remaining episodes of Better Off Ted. Still very sad this show's canceled. :( I can't remember where I saw this but someone somewhere said they'd like Phil and Lem to be Rachel's dads on Glee and now I want it to happen!

- Harry Potter and Jason Stackhouse to headline gay film? (lol the combination)
- I want this mug
- Emmy nominees roundtable. Connie Britton says people get upset when they learn she's not married to Kyle Chandler in RL.
- Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough got married.

I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] themiddleearth because that's the only type of creative writing challenge I do: silly crossovers. It's no beta-ed so it's probably full of English mistakes and all (especially in descriptions, I only enjoy writing dialogue) but it's not like I wanna do anything with it. I'm also pretty new to the Warehouse 13 fandom so I'm not sure I got the characters voices right but hey, this got me 51 pts for my team. But I like to keep everything I do archived somewhere.

Fic title: Ringbearer
Fandoms: Warehouse 13/The Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Characters: The Warehouse 13 team, The One Ring
Word Count: 1,280
Summary: A mysterious artifact causes strange incidents in LA.

story )
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- vote at my friend [livejournal.com profile] benelie's Best TV ship of 2008/2009 poll (it's like my Hotties poll, but with ships!)
- love TV? love making icons? join [livejournal.com profile] tvpassiton! inspired by [livejournal.com profile] bsgpassiton, it's open to all! (basically the mods pick a theme to pass it on, like rainbow colors, episodic, pass a cap...)

Answers to the Fandom questions meme

1. [livejournal.com profile] benelie asked me: As you finished FNL, tell what're your hopes for next season!

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Because of [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl I'm listening to the SFU OST and this song still makes me wanna cry :((
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I'm feeling blue today... meh. And I've been feeling tired for about 10 days now because of my stupid pollen allergies. I need sth to cheer me up. And a new show to watch because I'm done with season 3 of FNL... IS IT SEASON 4 YET? I have icons now yay.



Remember (or not) the job itw I had? The lady called back to tell me the answer will not me before 2 weeks because the General Manager is on a business trip and didn't have time to review all the applications (then a few of us will have an itw with him). Waiting is a drag but at least it means I'm still considered for the job from her point of view I guess! (she's the direct superior of the position)
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Job itw went ok, it was quite long as first a lady made a presentation about the group and the company and then I has the actual itw with the Product Manager. I think it went better than the last ones but I totally blanked when she asked if there was a commercial or other promotional device that impressed me recently, and then again when she asked me about their competition (I said a few names but they were all in the pharmacy circuit, not supermarket - the company makes dietary supplements). And yes, the 3 strenghts/3 weaknesses question came up lol. I think I managed it well. She's seeing a few other candidates next week and then a few of us (maybe 2-3?) will be selected to meet the CEO.

Round 6 of the Hot Celebs poll!



Round 6 Poll
We're halfway there! Down to the last 10 for each list!
Vote for the TWO guys and the TWO girls that you find the LEAST attractive.

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I finished season 1 of FNL last night and it was epic! I still don't understand everything that's going on when they're playing football but I think I'm picking up some stuff. Go Panthers! And I love most of the characters (for some my interest in them varies) and I think my favorite overall is Mrs Coach, she's awesome!
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You may or may not have noticed that I had disappeared from the internet since Sunday. There was a terrible storm at home Sunday night and lightning stroke and my internet box died. Got it replaced only... right now. Anything important I missed in your lives or fandom?

So how was life without the internet? Well I took advantage of this time to watch almost every pilot episode of every unseen TV show I have on my computer (that's a lot, like, 10) and I've now watched the first half of season 1 of FNL and I want Coach Taylor to coach my football team even though it's not the same football.

Oh and I have a job itw on Friday morning :D

But let's go back to serious business with Round 4 of the Hot Celebs poll!



Round 4 Poll
yay only one question per gender! we're down to 14 people
Vote for the TWO guys and the TWO girls that you find the LEAST attractive.

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