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This picspam was made for the One Year end-of-phase-crazy-fest challenge at [livejournal.com profile] whedonland (go Team Firefly!) and for challenge 20 at [livejournal.com profile] picspammy.

If you don't know what TV Tropes is, here's the link. See you in a few hours.

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Crappy November weather... am spending the day making icons.

How does this look?

I didn't edit the HD and ABC logos out because UGH there are like, 30 to 45 frames in each of these so imagine the time it'd take.

I'm amused by everyone's Halloween pics, and the cutest so far as the Denisof-Hannigan Kangaroos and the Muhneys

On the other hand, I'm appalled at this person @ [livejournal.com profile] whitecollar_tv. Ok so gay people didn't exist until 100 years ago? lol And she's like "I don't want to be tolerant!" and Jesus is like, *facepalm* But I do love the smart people who commented back to her <3.
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My favorites are all listed!

#1 is... Battlestar Galactica *gasps* yeah try not to die of shock
#2 is Firefly/Serenity
both are among my favorite movies/shows EVER anyway

I guess #3 would be Star Wars, can't deny I grew up watching the Original Trilogy, but I don't really like episode I and II (and yet they feature Ewan McGregor!). And there are so many prequels and sequels and comics and cartoons and stuff, sometimes with different canon!

I'd never really watched Star Trek (except for a few DS9 episodes) before seeing the new movie... which I loved, but it's too fresh to be compared to anything.

I saw the Alien movies when I was quite young ("scary" movies never scared me) and liked them very much but it's been a long time since I saw one.

Not mentioned in the list: Galaxy Quest!!! mmm am I forgetting sth? I don't think so...
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Still need more suggestions for my BFFs of TV poll! Comment here!

Note: I’ve decided to rule out groups of friends, relatives, animals and inanimate things (I had in mind things like Doctor/Tardis, Roslin/Airlock or Locke/any button to push, Desmond/Blue Shirt, you know)

I also want to rule out people who are more a romantic pairing than a real pair of friends and I'm thinking more specifically of the pairings I bolded in my list. For instance, Booth & Brennan have obvious UST so they don't fit my criteria, whereas Xander & Willow did have a thing for each other once but they got over it so they do count. What do you think? (and do I even make sense?)

There are also pairings of shows I don't watch so please tell me if they're related or in a relationship.

the list )

I'm leaving this post public, feel free to link your friends here.

ETA: totally unrelated... CUTEST THING EVER!!! WANT.
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I think I've just turned my dad into a Browncoat. Mwhuahahahaha. I watched the 3 first episodes of Firefly with him and I think he liked it.
I miss these characters :(

Lost was all WTF and still confuses me. But I loooove it when it does.

- spent a good part of the day at the International Fair in Nantes, that was nice
- I got a job interview! Next Wednesday.

Still working on my BSG claim at [livejournal.com profile] 10x10variated, 22 icons so far, 78 to go! I'm having trouble with one of the categories, "trends" because I usually dislike them. And I have no idea what the recent trends are. I couldn't bring myself to make an icon with a red blob so I made one with a light pink blob hahaha.
I'm extremely happy with a Kara&Lee icon and an Anders one.

Going to bed now watch SFU in my bed. Arthur Martin!!!!1!111!!!
(Ruth spying on him running LMAO... I like infants, they smell good... and the big dead guy falling off his casket hahaha)
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone blablabla
What did I do? I got a present! But it was a belated bday present lol. From my RL Pippin ;) I miss her :(
And I watched Brokeback Mountain with my parents. My dad thought the movie was not a drama and that they would end up together! LOL
I didn't like the French version though. Jack Nasty has become Jack le dégueulasse which sounds really gross.

Valentine's Day + BSG = WIN WIN WIN

I can't believe no one has guessed my favorite characters from Veronica Mars and Harry Potter!

I'm quite happy with the sigtag I made for myself for heroes-france.com ;)

remember when I told you I read that you could see Serenity (or at least a Firefly class ship) in the BSG mini-series?
a cap to prove it )

wow I have so much silliness saved in my ImageShack account
some of you have seen these but I think most of you haven't

silly manips with Daniel Radcliffe's nekkid pics )

so now my house has got two toasters... )

Veronica Mars was great! Best episode since a very long time.
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These are for [livejournal.com profile] spookygal who asked where the Sean picture of my layout comes from...

Question for Serenity DVD owners... do you have the extra called "a filmmaker's journey" or sth like that? (it's a 20-minutes-long making of) Because dvdrama.com tells me it's not in the American edition and I find it weird.

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl! I hope you have a great day!


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