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1. I'm playing the new Professor Layton game on Nintendo DS and Luke gets to take care of a hamster for a minigame. The goal is to make the hamster exercise because he's fat. And they ask you to name the hamster. Guess how I called him. HINT.

2. Do you like BSG? And awesome icons? That are funny and pretty? Then go vote at [livejournal.com profile] starttheclock's epic 100th challenge! With categories such as Best powerful/well done death or Character Who Would Have the Best Blog!

3. I made 2 BSG fanvids in 3 days. O_o And I'm quite happy with them. The fact that I kept a lot of episodes as avi even though I have the DVDs and knows the show well enough to remember which scenes are more fitting from which episode makes the process much faster.

4. Scenes from the BSG finale with isolated score. Wow.

5. I took this test pretending I was a character from Lie to Me. Scored a bit above average.

6. The Darjeeling Limited is a great movie. It looks gorgeous and I loved the editing. And the music. Surprise!Joe Dassin! lol

7. Awesome pic of Michael Hogan channeling Saul Tigh, cute Twitpic of Alyson&Jason on the set of HIMYM, amazing LOST poster

8. Casting spoilers: I don't really care about the Chuck one and the Dollhouse one made me go "shocking! lolz but awesome"

9. VERY spoilery pics from The Big Bang Theory S3 premiere. LOL at their looks and a slice of DNW.

10. Christopher Moore is doing research for a book in Paris and his blogs are hilarious. Including a reference to Psych! (mispelled "Psyche" and Shawn is mispelled "Sean" but whatever)
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Because [livejournal.com profile] whedonland is awesome, it has now 2 sister communities: [livejournal.com profile] jjverse (teams are LOST, Alias, Fringe and Trek) and [livejournal.com profile] spnland (...duh?).

I'm not joining these but some of you might be interested.

I wish there was a BSG community like that! Coming up with team names is hard though (because you want people to join all teams). Possible team names: Cylons, Final Five, Military, Government, CIC, Deck Hands... or by ship: Pegasus, Galactica, Colonial One, Basestar... or maybe by planet? Caprica, Kobol, Earth... can't find a fourth... Team No Planet! Space! hahaha

Emmys noms in 40 minutes! Preparing myself to be disappointed! yay.
I love this post @ ew.com. They're rooting for Eddie & Mary in the lead actor in a drama category aww. I swear I didn't write this article.

Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica: Seriously, Emmy, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. McDonnell's been revelatory for four seasons of BSG, and her final episodes showcased some of her finest work, as her Laura Roslin convincingly shifted from flirtatious lover to defiant cancer patient to resurgent fleet heroine. Failure to recognize her genius would be like calling Bill Gates a small business owner or saying Michael Phelps is just an okay swimmer. (Okay, so those are frakked up examples, but you know what else is frakked up? The inevitability of another McDonnell snub!)

Edward James Olmos, Battlestar Galactica: Can you imagine one of the best SciFi dramas in recent TV history without Olmos' stoic-but-tender performance? Yeah, me neither. If McDonnell gets her due, so should this dude. So say we all? So say we all!

Speaking of awards, but better ones, I forgot to post about the new Tubey Awards round. Go vote!

Been skipping a lot of your posts, f-list, because you're all posting your HP6 reviews. Who's with me to create a "I can't see the movie until August" support group? I know I'm not alone ;)
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ETA: you guys killed my photobucket bandwidth :p
uploading the pics to another server right now

will break your dial-up, and may cause drooling )

This picspam also has companion icons!


39 icons here
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From [livejournal.com profile] ender839

If you see this, quote Battlestar Galactica.

Tyrol: What do you want to do now, Captain?
Starbuck: The same thing we always do. Fight them until we can't.

Look who's hanging out at the auction! aww
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BEST. CAST. EVER. (except for the LotR cast, but still, best cast on TV)

Just saying. More REALLY AWESOME pictures at Trucco's website. (only spoilery if you haven't seen season 4.0 yet)

I want icons!!!

(lol they all have their own tag in my LJ)
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omg check out [livejournal.com profile] trucdeboulay's Serenity Complete pics!!! (album is public for a week)

a few of the best ones can be seen there (lolz at Mark's face)
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There are audio bits of the hilarious "Whose line is it anyway?" improv from the Galactica 3 con on Leah Cairns' website!!! So many memories! Laughed so hard I cried.

audio includes:
- as a musical
- as Gangsta rap
- Bollywood style
- as a Boys band

(someone can please remind me where the original scene is from? I can't seem to find which episode it was!)

Frakkity frak!
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BSG season 4 promo pics!!! ashgdjfmdkjùsjsdljd HiRes please?

all those including Helo in HiRes here asgbdkhndlùjsdùms
ETA: now she's adding all of them!!!! yay!!!

oh Gaius, are you wearing a bathrobe?
I love that all the main characters, even secondary, are in the promos!


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