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I made this and posted it on my tumblr but I also want to post it here.
Because picking one picture was too hard, I decided to blend about 30 of them.

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I saw that at [livejournal.com profile] stellypippin's and couldn't resist of course.

20 Question Beatle Survey

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Today was pretty cool.

1. LOST season premiere was awesome. I'm more confused than ever but I'm not even trying to make theories, I'm being patient just like Damon told us to be. I cried a few times. (How perfect is this icon?)

2. I received my bday present and couldn't wait until Friday to play with it. So um yes, Beatles Rock Band is like the best video game ever (ok, I'm not a gamer haha). I looooove the Hofner bass replica, it's so pretty. I spent all afternoon playing. First I learned the basic moves with the tutorials of both drums and guitar. I'm not very good at drums ahem. I haven't tried to play real songs with it but my hands/foot coordination is not good. Even my mom thought it was awesome and she tried playing a bit haha. So then I spent hours playing the guitar (easy mode) and played all the songs (omg the introduction and the transitions are so pretty) and it's a bit embarrassing how much I got into it lol. Sometimes I got distracted by what was going on on the screen. When I mess up my guitar solos, I say "sorry, George!". My shoulders and wrists hurt, especially because of I want you (she's so heavy) because this song lasts forever. So to relax my hands I tried the singing part but I was quite confident so I started with the difficult mode. And got 100% on A Hard Day's Night and Can't Buy Me Love!

The reason I stopped playing? Dinner time + my parents are watching the TV now.

Now I need to figure out what my code is to play online with friends. And I need a screen name too? mmm what could it be...

Oh, and I want the additional albums now of course. Damn it. I need to figure out how to dld them too.

new layout

Jan. 29th, 2010 06:25 pm
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mmm seems like I'm friends with Photoshop again

because... new layout! [livejournal.com profile] hobbitofkobol [livejournal.com profile] hobbitofkobol [livejournal.com profile] hobbitofkobol!!!

I checked my layout tag and turns out I'd had my Team Tahcco layout since April 8... 2008! And the change before that was in July 2007.

And my laptop wallpaper? Haven't changed it in more than 2 years (it's still BSG's Last Supper photoshoot). I guess I'm a creature of habit.

So as usual I changed everything about my LJ: colors, header, titles, mood theme, friends only banner, default icon... everything has to match! I'm particularly proud of what I did with the "leave a comment" & "comments" text. And "current music" and "current mood".

The only thing I never change is my "name". I've been "The Other Crazy French Chick" since we met Rousseau on Lost and it doesn't feel right to change it just as the show is about to end!

Maybe I'll change my profile too. Not sure.

I need to work on the alphabet meme... all pictures are ready but I haven't typed anything past letter G... oops.
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Best.Concert.Ever. Ok I don't go to a lot of concerts (it was only my 2nd this year) but that was freaking awesome. Can't believe the man is 67! Almost 3 hours of show, no interruption!

recap of the night, including pictures and videos! )

Bought the program at the end of the concert. It's so pretty! I think I'm going to frame it.

My mom told me she wanted to buy a Wii for our family at Xmas. Now I want to have Beatles Rock Band! I already have 2 band members waiting for me hehe. The preview was so cute omg.

I'm so tired. Stayed on our feet for 11 hours straight. And then we didn't feel like sleeping so we spent a lot of time talking and singing. And then I couldn't sleep because my feet hurt too much. And I kept waking up at random hours, each time with a different song in my head LOL. I'm going to be humming songs for days.

I don't think I forgot anything? [livejournal.com profile] littlehutt?


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