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So yeah, I FINALLY saw it! Yesterday afternoon, with my mom and 15 other people lol. Sadly, in French.

BEST HP MOVIE BY FAR. There's NO contest. Why didn't they make all of them like that?

my thoughts (very detailed) )

I think that's it.

Link me to your posts about it! I know I skipped a lot of them.
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I watched a terrible movie starring Scott Porter (and Alexis Bledel, it's called "The Good Guy"). I thought it was gonna be an average romcom to distract me and noooo it was awful. So after that I needed to erase it from my brain so I decided to watch a bit of FNL and now I've started a rewatch I think (my 1st rewatch of the show). I watched the 2 first episodes and I remembered how I didn't love them because of all the religious stuff. But now that I've seen all the show and am attached to the characters it was ok. And I got more emotional this 2nd time around lol, especially the 2 scenes Coach Taylor has with his QBs in the 2nd episode. Which reminds me... this skit's awesome, The Friday Night Lights Crying Method. I'm gonna miss this show so much when it's gone. :(

My mom had asked my sister-in-law to buy garlic for her (in a farm near her vacation spot or sth) and she joked that it would make vampires go away. So I told her there was no need as you just need not to invite them in. This is where the garlic is now lol.

Jed Whedon's album is awesome.

I've finished season 1 of The Good Wife. Excellent show.

I might have read too many Deathly Hallows movie spoilers. Oh well.

I've seen one of the remaining episodes of Better Off Ted. Still very sad this show's canceled. :( I can't remember where I saw this but someone somewhere said they'd like Phil and Lem to be Rachel's dads on Glee and now I want it to happen!

- Harry Potter and Jason Stackhouse to headline gay film? (lol the combination)
- I want this mug
- Emmy nominees roundtable. Connie Britton says people get upset when they learn she's not married to Kyle Chandler in RL.
- Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough got married.

I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] themiddleearth because that's the only type of creative writing challenge I do: silly crossovers. It's no beta-ed so it's probably full of English mistakes and all (especially in descriptions, I only enjoy writing dialogue) but it's not like I wanna do anything with it. I'm also pretty new to the Warehouse 13 fandom so I'm not sure I got the characters voices right but hey, this got me 51 pts for my team. But I like to keep everything I do archived somewhere.

Fic title: Ringbearer
Fandoms: Warehouse 13/The Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Characters: The Warehouse 13 team, The One Ring
Word Count: 1,280
Summary: A mysterious artifact causes strange incidents in LA.

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I've now rewatched GoF, OotP & PS/SS (lol they were all so little). Yes that's a weird order. I still can't stop nitpicking every detail about the movies. Why, self, why? I'm mostly annoyed when the changes don't make sense, or when I can't see a reason why they changed it, or it's OOC or it's incoherent with the HP universe.

Should I try too reread HBP mmm... I'm afraid that the fresher the book is in my mind, the more annoyed I'll be at the movie

[livejournal.com profile] ack_attack's Daily Doses of Lost are all HP-themed in honor of the movie until Wednesday, they're hilarious!

and finally...

❝the HARRYPOTTER meme❞
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- vote at my friend [livejournal.com profile] benelie's Best TV ship of 2008/2009 poll (it's like my Hotties poll, but with ships!)
- love TV? love making icons? join [livejournal.com profile] tvpassiton! inspired by [livejournal.com profile] bsgpassiton, it's open to all! (basically the mods pick a theme to pass it on, like rainbow colors, episodic, pass a cap...)

Answers to the Fandom questions meme

1. [livejournal.com profile] benelie asked me: As you finished FNL, tell what're your hopes for next season!

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Because of [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl I'm listening to the SFU OST and this song still makes me wanna cry :((
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First Impressions Meme! ( mine )

I have nothing interesting to say as I did nothing except go grocery shopping, make icons, look at HP fanart on the internet and watched Heroes on TV

Speaking of Heroes, infos about the Comic Con panel with pictures in which Adrian Pasdar looks hhhhot with his new haircut.

Also, reading R/Hr missing moments from DH fanfic ^^
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Just came back from OotP. omg. I loved it. Of course I have some issues with it but I really enjoyed it. More than I enjoyed the other four movies at the first viewing. It was smooth. Now I really think my major problem with the movies was Steve Kloves. Please noooo don't make him come back. Michael Goldenberg ILU.

I also think that I went to see this movie with a much more open mind than for movies 3 and 4. I HATED movie 3 when I first saw it because my mind was too much into the book, the book, the book. Now it's my favorite of the four first ones.

Though the French voices suck big time, especially Luna's. Can't wait to see it again in English.

Haven't read anyone's review...

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I'm probably forgetting a lot of things...
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EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Scenes from the HP movies set to the Harry and the Potters songs. Awesome.

Wizard Chess

more!!! )


I'm (finally) going to see OotP tonight, can you tell?

Gosh, I wish I could go to a HP Party wearing my Gryffindor hoodie, dance and bounce to Wizard Rock until midnight, buy the final book and read it. That'd be a perfect July 21st.
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Harry Potter Astrology!!!


(January 20 - February 18)
the Water Bearer. Fixed, air, yang - planetary rulers: Saturn and Uranus. Keywords: "I KNOW"
Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the "real world," over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.
Okay, I'm already scared at how accurate this is. Well, not everything, I do attach to people lol.

When getting sorted, I always get Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff votes so...

The stereotypical geeks of the magical world, Ravenclaw Aquarians are noted mostly for their genius. They are gifted theorists and inventors, and highly talented students. Most wind up doing pure research after graduating from Hogwarts. Their noses are always in books of esoteric lore. Some people may laugh at them, either for their unconventional lifestyles or (more commonly) because they are obvious nerds, but they don't care. While they can have sharp tempers, especially when they encounter ignorance or stupidity, these wizards generally mean well, and have a "live and let live" philosophy. Their wit is legendary; not everybody gets the Ravenclaw Aquarian's jokes, but those who are subtle and intelligent enough find conversation with an Aquarian Ravenclaw to be quite funny, in a satirical and ironic and irreverent sort of way.

Aquarians who are sorted into House Hufflepuff are introverted, but not shy; march to the beat of a different drummer, but don't wear their weirdness like a flag; socially minded, but highly critical of society. Confused? So are the Hufflepuff Aquarians, but they tend to sort things out eventually. Their minds lean toward the practical side of things - they'd rather invent new and useful spells or gadgets than dwell for hours in hot air theory - and the solutions they find to common problems are brilliantly on target. They like people and want to get along well with everybody, but are uncomfortable with intimacy; so they have lots of acquaintances but few close friends. They have the ability to laugh at most any situation.

I think I'm definitely a Ravenpuff.
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So according to JKR herself, the final word of the Harry Potter series is not scar anymore. *gasps*

More than 4 years ago, we thought it’d be it and I wrote four silly endings, the only restriction being that the final word had to be scar.

Originally written in French here, in honor of HP Month, I’ve translated them.

my endings )

Please don’t hesitate to comment with your own crack!endings.

It’s HP Month!!! But too early to mope about it... so let’s have fun! We need crack!

Like [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack’s Harry Potter Photoshop Contest!!!!!!

HP train

Jun. 28th, 2007 12:34 am
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Oh the bus don't go to Hogwarts... you've got to take the train... )

The track Battlestar Muzaktica from the BSG soundtrack makes me think of music you can hear when you play The Sims. Am I the only one thinking that?
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hahaha because petition is not enough (2,100 signatures so far though) we French Lost fans are sending letters "from the survivors of Oceanic flight 815" to TF1, with sand and/or water bottles labeled Dharma.

I made the paper look old using teabags, crumpled it, and burned the edges with a lighter (which is sth tough for me as I'm afraid of fire). Then I put some sand from my garden in the envelope and decorated it with Dharma logos.

here is my letter )

I think we'll also send emails.

French fans who want to contribute, here are some instructions.


HP French fans!!! I learned that there's going to be a signing session with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in Paris, FNAC St-Lazare on July 4th at 6:30pm but for only half an hour and with very few people. No details about how these people will be chosen yet (first come?). If you can go, go!

The HP train looks VERY cool and there's a contest here to win tickets to the OotP premiere. I've convinced my mum to go visit the train next Wednesday even though she said there's going to be "so many people".

omg. Deathly Hallows in ONE MONTH people!!!!! I've just started reading HBP and :(((( my name twin is dead :((( (but it's still very cool to have "your name" in the book hahaha)
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oh, I almost forgot! funny conversation today at work:

Boss: I hate it when colleagues don't know how to use email. Like, they write everything capslocked. It's annoying and aggressive.
Me: *thinking of Harry in OotP* Yes, as if they were shouting.
Boss: Exactly.
Coworker: Like in books, when people shout, sometimes they use that.
Me: *still thinking of Harry in OotP* YEAH!
Coworker: I'm reading HP right now, the fifth book and...
Me: I KNOW! Harry is always angry and shouting!


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YES! The OOTP trailer, downloadable, on [livejournal.com profile] trailer_spot last entry!!!

I was SO psyched to see the trio at the end, and Harry yelling (being the emo kid he is in Book 5 haha) and Umbridge running and Bellatrix Lestrange and.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
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The CW made myspace profiles for the characters of Veronica Mars.
And guess what "Mac" wrote in her "interests"... Ron Weasley!!!

Veronica has listed The Office in her favorite shows... and Logan has Arrested Development... this really amuses me a lot.

They are very "in character"... for instance Wallace's interests...

Basketball, building things, quality music, family, friends, flying

Veronica Mars (can you tell she made me write that?)

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This is so beautiful it deserves its own post

Remus/Tonks art by _odella_

(thanks for the link [livejournal.com profile] aqua_chuu ;))


Sep. 16th, 2005 09:45 am
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some thoughts on the GoF new trailer... and some additional pics here
cut for obvious spoilers )

OMG lost season 2 premiere pics at [livejournal.com profile] indilime’s journal here and here

New layout!

Sep. 8th, 2005 09:32 am
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see here: [livejournal.com profile] merry_holdwine
What do you think? It's a HP one with pics from GoF and quote from CoS.

I think I'm gonna take these 85 additional userpics... I'm addicted to change my pic when posting now!


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