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2 random silly things:

1/ I totally know who Gossip Girl really is.

it's so obvious! )

2/ I love Hairpray but I can't help thinking of THIS song when I listen to Without Love. (this only makes sense if you know who Les Inconnus are, meaning you're French and have not been living in a cave)

similarities! )

g2g, football is calling me! :D
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I wanted to illustrate my review of the S4 premiere with some pics and then I went a little crazy and it turned into a picspam... with MANY MANY pics. And silly comments.

This picspam is brought to you by Doc Cottle's Eyepatches.

here we go )
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I was watching Prison Break and I was so bored (even pretty Scofield can't keep me interested) that I stopped in the middle of it to make another BSG crack!manip born from too many emails exchanged during work.

very colorful )
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Just when I thought I couldn't make more ridiculous things than this... or this...

I made this for [livejournal.com profile] superfrayed...
(if you don't get it, it's PERFECTLY normal)

made icons of these stupid manips )

oh I forgot to post these caps the other day as I was watching Buffy S3...

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speaking of Bambi, remember my Helospam? Now there's Leespam!
Hhhhot and funny ;)

I'm not the only one with the silly manips... [livejournal.com profile] benelie did some too...

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eta: LOL I'm watching Buffy and omg! Wentworth Miller! I recognized his voice first. It's weird to hear him say "Duuuude!"
back to the episode now

eta2: omg! Shane West is in thi one too!
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This weekend... I cooked! I made a kind of quiche with courgettes, tomatoes, tuna (are you kidding me), emmental cheese... it was yummy! Well, and still is as I'm the only one home so I have to eat it for days. LMAO. It's kind of a big thing for me as I usually don't use the oven much because my hands are very sensitive to heat and I still could feel it through the oven-mitt I bought (which was not homemade or kintted).

Anyway... today at work the guy I share an office with is back from vacation, which means I have to be careful about writing my emails, especially when the conversation is really silly.

Like, when you're talking about Alessandro Juliani being a graduate of McGill University (omg! I was an Exchange student there!) => Bachelor of Music in Vocal/Opera Performance. And then someone says she hopes they make a BSG musical episode so that Gaeta and Gaius can sing the Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge. Yes, THIS. And then you argue about who's the girl and who's the boy. ... and a few polls )
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone blablabla
What did I do? I got a present! But it was a belated bday present lol. From my RL Pippin ;) I miss her :(
And I watched Brokeback Mountain with my parents. My dad thought the movie was not a drama and that they would end up together! LOL
I didn't like the French version though. Jack Nasty has become Jack le d├ęgueulasse which sounds really gross.

Valentine's Day + BSG = WIN WIN WIN

I can't believe no one has guessed my favorite characters from Veronica Mars and Harry Potter!

I'm quite happy with the sigtag I made for myself for heroes-france.com ;)

remember when I told you I read that you could see Serenity (or at least a Firefly class ship) in the BSG mini-series?
a cap to prove it )

wow I have so much silliness saved in my ImageShack account
some of you have seen these but I think most of you haven't

silly manips with Daniel Radcliffe's nekkid pics )

so now my house has got two toasters... )

Veronica Mars was great! Best episode since a very long time.
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I think everyone who could be interested in this has already seen it but still...

mine, hahahaha )
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Lost Photoshop Contest Result!

I won a few honorable mentions! yay! if you haven't check out this post, you really should, the manips are hilarious

my entries included Brokeback Mountain, Scrubs, and a weird baby )

BTW [livejournal.com profile] ack_attack!!! I got an idea for another fandom-related contest: what about asking people to take pictures of themselves making a Jim face! (or any other Office character face)
I don't know if that would work, but just imagining it makes me giggly.


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