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Tonight I went to a football game (we won again, yay) and the club had invited about 6,000 children to see the game for free. So you know kids, they get easily enthusiastic and like us they like to chant for the team. At some moments it was only them chanting one word and I found it creepy and didn't know why I felt like that.

Then I remembered. Children of Earth.

Bloody Torchwood.

Not updating much because of the 1st epic battle at [livejournal.com profile] twelvecolonies and because of Shindig at [livejournal.com profile] whedonland. This one's over now, the 1st apocalypse is due in a few days so if you've been wanting to join, now's the time!!! (join Team Firefly! we're the best! :p ok, ok the other teams are pretty awesome too but with names like Team Angel, Team Buffy and Team Dollhouse, they're bound to!) Seriously it's really fun, the activities are very diverse (games! graphics! writing!), there's a lot of crack (like pirate day!) and people are so creative!

Yeah and TV is taking me a lot of time too! Too many shows to watch! Not enough time to post reviews! I do read yours on the f-list and comment when I have sth to say lol. Today was Dollhouse + Psych, which were awesome. And now it's Merlin time!
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I had forgotten what victory tastes like. It's yummy.

Okay, I realize this is quite cryptic. Some of you are quite new on my flist so you may not know this as the season was over but I'm a HUGE football fan, and by that I mean the real football lol. European. Well, also South-American and African and Asian in fact. Anyway, my mom and I are huge fans (season ticket holders and everything) of our local professional team, FC Nantes (I could write an essay about how we're totally awesome btw but I won't) and after 44 freaking years in Ligue 1 (which is the highest League in France), we sucked a lot and are now in Ligue 2, boo. And the first game of the season was tonight and we kicked Reims' ass! 5-0!!! Yay!!! And there were more than 27,000 persons in the stadium! Unbelievable for a team in Ligue 2! The second best attendance was 9,000. LOL. But anyway, we're now like the "stars" of the Ligue 2, being a club with a high reputation and a lot of trophies and the assholes that had bought us and ruined everything FINALLY sold us to someone else this week. The new players are not brilliant but they're very brave and willing to do good. Everyone was so happy in the stadium, last year was so frustrating and sad that today it felt like a big relief to finally enjoy a game and chant and shout and sing and clap and bounce and hugging their neighbour and do the "ola" (what's the name in English, I've forgotten, is it "wave" or sth?).

That is all. I need to go to sleep now.



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[+/-] meme (mine)

Uh. I'd like to to talk about last night's football game but oh well, as usual we didn't win. We're still last of the League and we're pretty much frakked. Worst Season Ever. It makes me so sad to see what the club has become. It's such a pity seeing our potential. We used to have the best youngsters training center! Nah, scratch that, we used to be THE youngsters training center. Yesterday there were again more 33,000 fans in the stadium, our average is more than 30,000, which is enormous for the last of the League. Hell, only 4 teams among the 19 others do better than us and I suppose 3 of them are the country's largest cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille).
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My Saturday night:

Rain: *falls*
Players: *suck*
FC Nantes: *diez and iz ded*
Me: ;___;
Rain: *falls even more more and more*

nah, we didn't lose, but everyone above us won, again! and, again, against teams supposed to be way better than them. *sigh*

Highlight of the day: last night I saw the end of the "Césars" which are basically the French Oscars and Little Miss Sunshine won Best Foreign Movie! YAY! Well, I'd be more pleased if they didn't beat Brokeback Mountain (nominated this year because it was released in France in early 2006) but still, nice.
Also, I saw Jude Law speak French. ^^ Sth like "don't forget, go to the movies, it's sexy" lmao.

Speaking of BBM, this commercial for Canal + is brilliant! Basically a girl talks about a movie she saw on TV and the other girl has no idea what it is and you see what she thinks it is in her head lol.

I translated the dialogue here )

movie memes to distract me )
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what? no updates during the weekend?

well my dad has monopolized the internet computer quite much (scanning old photos) and my niece is at home and the spare time I had was spent:

- making Lost icons (63!!! I think it's my record for ONE episode but what can I say, it has a lot of my favourite characters in it). Speaking of icons, my journal has now 202 watchers! Damn it, I missed the "200".
- watching TV shows on TV! (as in "not on my computer"). I'm now up to episode 2.17 of GA (OMG they made the guys from Early Edition go splodey!). I actually now like it enough I might consider downloading season 3 when we're done with season 2.
also saw the season 1 Xmas episode of Bones (I love how Brennan has no social life and doesn't understand what people mean sometimes lol) and the second episode of HIMYM but it was in French so not funny imho. And I'm not used to comedies shot with an audience anymore lol.
- watching Marseille-Nantes on TV. We didn't lose, whoa. Knowing that we had half the usual team missing for suspensions and injuries, that's sth. It was the first game ever for one of our youngsters (who's 18 and whose name is Vainqueur which is Winner is French lmao). Barthez saved the day. But things are bad because all the teams just before us won. Damn. And they won in places unexpected. Frick on a brick with a stick!
- teaching myself how to burn DVDs from a VHS source on my parents' DVD recorder and then how to rip DVDs. Which means I watched my "Nantes, French Champions 2001" VHS and felt very nostalgic. Also ripped a 6 minutes-long video of the most important goals of our 40 years in 1st league (well the DVD is a few years old).

*waits for BSG download to finish*
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Dear fellow Nantes fans,
Go to England and take football supporter lessons.
no love,

I'm so pissed off I wouldn't know where to start. And no, we didn't lose. But I got very angry at the other fans. Some people started booing when the players arrived on the field for the warm-up, COME ON! So I stood up, turned to them and shouted sth like this "YOU MORONS IF YOU COME HERE TO BOO THEN STAY HOME YOU'LL DO ALL OF US A FAVOR, MERDE" And during the actual game, I made comments very loudly about the stupidity of people.

Things That Don't Help Your Team:
- the silence treatment
- the booing your goalkeeper (but he saw me and my "group" applauding him so he applauding US. ha.)
- the sitting on your ass doing nothing except insulting the chairmen and the referee. I don't like the chairmen even but there's a time for everything.
- the showing your ass (yes, not kidding)
- the shouting about how your players don't make enough effort when you're holding a banner with YOUR BACK TURNED and you don't even SEE what's going on

I hate that there are a few dozens morons that everyone follows like sheep. They think they're better than anyone but they're just little wankers.

ETA: awww these two guys are like BFFs and Dimitri Payet, the small one, just signed his first professional contract so apparently, they're cuddling to celebrate it

and this guy is my favorite right now )
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Had a great weekend so far.

- last night and today with my friends was great, we had a lot of fun about silly things and drank rum and ate a lot of things with maple syrup, including a "poutine" that was very weird
- woke up at 11:15 am because my cell phone rang, I didn't answer but some guy left a message saying I had sent him a CV and that I could call him back. The thing is, I have no idea who he is (name was no familiar) and he didn't say which company he was from! I don't even know if it's for an internship or a job... And anyway, WHO calls you about your CV at 11:00 am on a SATURDAY? I didn't have any of my things with me, so I thought I'd call back on Monday, I fell it's more appropriate!
- football game was great!!! we won! And played well! But missed a penalty kick, again. And I've realized that I didn't have any favorite player in the team as the best ones had left but now I have one. Julio Hernan Rossi is made of awesome.
- tonight I'm sleeping one hour more because it's Winter Time day
- tomorrow my brother and his family are spending the day at home, yay

and GIP!!! how great is this icon by [livejournal.com profile] canadianmobster!!! I totally thought of this crossever during the last Lost episode!!!

people commenting on icon posts can be so weird sometimes

I have the Prison Break French theme song stuck in my head. Ugh. How awful.
I also heard Joey Starr's new "song". It hurts my ears for real.
I really hate French Rap music. Except IAM, the lyrics are very good, especially the third album and they had a song with a lot of references to Star Wars, that was so cool.
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I found this gif of one of my favorite goals ever in the history of football. Of course it's a FC Nantes goal.
Nantes-Paris in 1994-1995 (a very good season because we won the League and lost only one game)

made some Scrubs icons, animating icons amuses me much

tonight one of my friends is visiting me (she travels a lot for her job) and my mum asked her to have dinner with us. I have to show her my Canada photo album (she was there too)!

and also, [livejournal.com profile] spookygal rocks very much ♥


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