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on Friday I saw The King's Speech. BRILLIANT. It moved me, filled my eyes with tears, made me laugh at times, it was gorgeous (cinematography & music), the actors were perfect. Give Colin Firth his Oscar already.

Yesterday I saw Black Swan. I arrived 30 min early and there was no tickets left! The King's Speech was full too. Meanwhile, Rien à Déclarer was at 19:30, 20:00 and 21:00 and there was a lot of tickets left for each time. It made me feel like "yay people have good taste" (ok I admit I haven't seen this and shouldn't judge but...) but also "boo, why does it get so many theaters". Anyway, we bought tickets for the 22:15 Black Swan screening, which was full too in the end! I thought it was a great movie, it looked fabulous, the actors were amazing (omg Natalie Portman. But Vincent Cassel was A+ too, and Mila Kunis, and everyone). But it was really freaky and stressful so idk how much I liked it you know? And I'm no wuss but parts of it were really scary or made me cringe (not in a "this is bad" way! in a "eww" or "ouch" way lol). Can a movie move you and made you feel uncomfortable at the same time? Well yes apparently.

Now I need to watch sth in which Natalie Portman is happy and lives happily ever after because I felt so bad for her character. Will probably go see No Strings Attached haha.

And then today I saw The Kids are All Right, which was alright (haha) but pretty forgettable next to the 2 I just talked about or Inception for instance.

I plan to go see 127 Hours and True Grit in theaters in the next couple of weeks. And I have acquired The Social Network (I missed it in theaters) and The Fighter and Winter's Bone (will not be released in time here). I'm gonna watch at least one of these tonight.

And then I'll be ready for the Oscars (well the best picture category)! Which I won't be able to watch live this year but whatever!
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I watched a terrible movie starring Scott Porter (and Alexis Bledel, it's called "The Good Guy"). I thought it was gonna be an average romcom to distract me and noooo it was awful. So after that I needed to erase it from my brain so I decided to watch a bit of FNL and now I've started a rewatch I think (my 1st rewatch of the show). I watched the 2 first episodes and I remembered how I didn't love them because of all the religious stuff. But now that I've seen all the show and am attached to the characters it was ok. And I got more emotional this 2nd time around lol, especially the 2 scenes Coach Taylor has with his QBs in the 2nd episode. Which reminds me... this skit's awesome, The Friday Night Lights Crying Method. I'm gonna miss this show so much when it's gone. :(

My mom had asked my sister-in-law to buy garlic for her (in a farm near her vacation spot or sth) and she joked that it would make vampires go away. So I told her there was no need as you just need not to invite them in. This is where the garlic is now lol.

Jed Whedon's album is awesome.

I've finished season 1 of The Good Wife. Excellent show.

I might have read too many Deathly Hallows movie spoilers. Oh well.

I've seen one of the remaining episodes of Better Off Ted. Still very sad this show's canceled. :( I can't remember where I saw this but someone somewhere said they'd like Phil and Lem to be Rachel's dads on Glee and now I want it to happen!

- Harry Potter and Jason Stackhouse to headline gay film? (lol the combination)
- I want this mug
- Emmy nominees roundtable. Connie Britton says people get upset when they learn she's not married to Kyle Chandler in RL.
- Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough got married.

I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] themiddleearth because that's the only type of creative writing challenge I do: silly crossovers. It's no beta-ed so it's probably full of English mistakes and all (especially in descriptions, I only enjoy writing dialogue) but it's not like I wanna do anything with it. I'm also pretty new to the Warehouse 13 fandom so I'm not sure I got the characters voices right but hey, this got me 51 pts for my team. But I like to keep everything I do archived somewhere.

Fic title: Ringbearer
Fandoms: Warehouse 13/The Lord of the Rings
Rating: G
Characters: The Warehouse 13 team, The One Ring
Word Count: 1,280
Summary: A mysterious artifact causes strange incidents in LA.

story )


Jul. 8th, 2010 06:40 pm
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it's nominations day and as usual they're disappointing... but a bit less than usual

the noms and my own list )
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Fandom Superlatives!

I nominated a lot of stuff because some categories were obvious to me and then random stuff that popped into my head because there was a lack of nominations for some categories. And for variety because some categories get the same noms every year, it's boring. Though I still voted for BSG for Best Score and for Serenity for Vehicle Most Loved by Its Captain/Pilot/Driver:
- Chuck as Best Hero
- Manny from Modern Family as Best Kid
- Caprica for Best Opening Sequence
- V for Best Remake
- The Dillon Panthers vs the East Dillon Lions from Friday Night Lights for Best Canon Rivalry
- Castle dresses up as "space cowboy" for Halloween for Best Canon Scene Overall
- Topher Brink from Dollhouse for Character Whose Refrigerator We'd Most Like To Raid
- Modern Family for Most Promising New Series
- Better off Ted for Series Most Deserving of Resurrection
- John Barrowman's flashback wig from Desperate Housewives for Worst Hair (have you seen it??? 1st 3 screencaps)

so go second my votes :p
(ok ok or vote for sth else entirely :p)

I spent today at my godmother's (used to be my mother's brother's wife) and she had a new kitten! So cute! My cousin was like, "it took 1 week for my mom to manage to grab her". Ten minutes later the kitty was purring in my arms. Mwhuahaha. I'm the Cat Whisperer.

Doctor Who was awesome. Can't wait for next week!!!
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Went to sleep straight after the ceremony at 6am but couldn't sleep until 7 somehow. Woke up at about 11:30am. So I'm not going to function well today.

82nd Academy Awards

As a person who:
- didn't like The Hurt Locker
- thought Avatar was a real treat for the eyes but failed to go beyond that

there's no way I could have been happy with the results, right?

I'm still glad that a woman won the director award (about time!) though.

Highlights of the evening for me:
- surprise!NPH and his musical number! I was like this: :D for real.
- Tina Fey+RDJ = best presenting pairing
- Giacchino wins for Up and makes a lovely speech
- the characters from the animated features

meme: Oscar nominated movies of 1980-2010 that I've seen )

In RL news, still jobless, wrist still in a brace, nothing to say really.

Ok, time to watch Caprica. Haven't seen the latest yet bc of epic Oscars movie marathon.
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Once again, found a link to see the ceremony online and spammed Twitter about it. Which was really fun.

My favorite parts of the ceremony were brought by my favorite people

my thoughts )

I probably forgot a few things... oh well

check out [livejournal.com profile] green_queen's Jossverse actors picspam, they're so adorable
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Once again the Golden Globes nominations suck and are boring but we're used to it (talking about TV here).

my reaction with mandatory rant about TV noms (I can't help it even though I know the noms are always stupid) )

movies: (I haven't seen most of them)
- yay Marion Cotillard! (haven't seen the movie though)
- lol Meryl Streep vs Meryl Streep
- (500) days of summer + Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!! ♥
- lol RDJ is nominated for Sherlock Holmes? but this isn't even out yet! not that I'm complaining :D
- I wish Michael Giacchino (Up) was nominated against himself for Star Trek


In not ranty news, how awesome was Lie to Me? (I'm speaking of the part with Brendan Hines & Felicia Day hehe). Who wants the song? I've ripped it from the episode (click!).

And I also have lyrics! )
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On Saturday my dad was 30 minutes late for lunch after work because he had to type sth and it took him forever and he still couldn't make it look good. Somehow I had a feeling that him complaining about not knowing how to use tables on Word and showing me the result was gonna end up with me typing it for him... And sure thing my mom gave me the sheet about 30 minutes ago, at 9:30pm on Sunday night of course. Oh parents, I wonder how you're functioning (computer, TV, VCR, etc.) when I'm not living here.

Got this meme from [livejournal.com profile] malicat... great excuse for a picspam of hot guys

Every girl needs a hot character to go on an adventure with --

Note: I tried to pick only one character per fandom and one character per actor

1. Who would you lounge with and read a good book on a rainy afternoon )

Emmys day! I do not care much for the drama categories but I'm rooting for NPH and Jim Parsons! Wish I could watch live as there's gonna be a Dr Horrible performance of some kind!
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in which I discuss the categories I care about and rants about the usual snubs )

Maureen Ryan from the Chicago Tribune says it better.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] whedonland is awesome, it has now 2 sister communities: [livejournal.com profile] jjverse (teams are LOST, Alias, Fringe and Trek) and [livejournal.com profile] spnland (...duh?).

I'm not joining these but some of you might be interested.

I wish there was a BSG community like that! Coming up with team names is hard though (because you want people to join all teams). Possible team names: Cylons, Final Five, Military, Government, CIC, Deck Hands... or by ship: Pegasus, Galactica, Colonial One, Basestar... or maybe by planet? Caprica, Kobol, Earth... can't find a fourth... Team No Planet! Space! hahaha

Emmys noms in 40 minutes! Preparing myself to be disappointed! yay.
I love this post @ ew.com. They're rooting for Eddie & Mary in the lead actor in a drama category aww. I swear I didn't write this article.

Mary McDonnell, Battlestar Galactica: Seriously, Emmy, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. McDonnell's been revelatory for four seasons of BSG, and her final episodes showcased some of her finest work, as her Laura Roslin convincingly shifted from flirtatious lover to defiant cancer patient to resurgent fleet heroine. Failure to recognize her genius would be like calling Bill Gates a small business owner or saying Michael Phelps is just an okay swimmer. (Okay, so those are frakked up examples, but you know what else is frakked up? The inevitability of another McDonnell snub!)

Edward James Olmos, Battlestar Galactica: Can you imagine one of the best SciFi dramas in recent TV history without Olmos' stoic-but-tender performance? Yeah, me neither. If McDonnell gets her due, so should this dude. So say we all? So say we all!

Speaking of awards, but better ones, I forgot to post about the new Tubey Awards round. Go vote!

Been skipping a lot of your posts, f-list, because you're all posting your HP6 reviews. Who's with me to create a "I can't see the movie until August" support group? I know I'm not alone ;)
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1. Join [livejournal.com profile] whedonland!!! You get sorted in 4 teams (named after the 4 Joss shows) and compete in different tasks/contests/activities to be the winning team and stop the apocalypse! (which happens every 4 months, pretty much like on Buffy/Angel hehe)

2. Remember that HBIC poll that sucked because it had real people and a guy? Well here's a revamped one that's better! You can second all the noms you want and nom as many as you want too (mine were Veronica Mars and Zoe Washburne!).

3. Vote at the Portal Awards!

my predictible picks )
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Fandom Superlatives!

just spent an hour there and only made it through the 1st part, decisions are tough... am nominating a bunch of stuff and no not only BSG. Also stuff from Lost, Dollhouse, Better off Ted, Being Erica, Pusing Daisies... will continue tomorrow


Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:41 pm
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Nominate! I'm being an annoying rabid BSG fan and nominating the show in every category possible lol (hey, it's the last year we can do it). If SPN fans do it, I don't see a reason why I wouldn't! :p
Some categories are so hard, like, "funniest episode".

Ok, off to count the votes for the Hot Celebs poll!
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because I need a place to post my comments!

under the cut to spare you )
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pffft I can't even watch the Red Carpet for the Oscars (starting now) because it's on a paid channel :(

I wanted to see that if not the ceremony itself!

Last year I was at my parents' and my mom and I stayed up all night watching the ceremony. Good times. This time I guess I'll just... sleep

GO MARION!!! (btw, McFrenchy should be there with her because he was seen in her plane ^^)
(I totally watched La Môme/La Vie en Rose last night to put me in the mood and seriously, her performance is so good that I can't believe it's her, they somehow went back in time and filmed the real Edith Piaf, it's the only explanation)

ETA: yay for [livejournal.com profile] mellafe and E!Online !!!!!!!!!
George Clooney! Live! On my computer!
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awwww how cute is Marion Cotillard?
the background music? "Samwise The Brave" from The Two Towers. I totally called it.
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TV.com awards... hahahahahahaha YES. WORD.

(how did that happen though?)

and Grace won too!

aw much as I love them... how???

also: Lost got editor's choice as best show AND best drama AND best episode and BSG as best sci-fi
ok, I love Scrubs but there's no way season 6 was better than The office!

Hey, I forgot to mention that I won the screencap contest at [livejournal.com profile] lost_tv! lol I was SURE that I wouldn't be the quickest to get them all right but I wanted to play anyway. My obsessive re-watching paid off.
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EMMYS's prediction poll! GO VOTE!

but here the real categories that MATTER!

omg SETH GREEN!!! why are you so awesome?
which reminds me, I watched New Moon Rising two days ago ;________;

The Career meme thing... oops! Don't do it!

from [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda:
Oh, and quick PSA from [livejournal.com profile] elbales: If you see a "Career Cruising" meme going around, please don't participate or pass it on. It's not a free quiz--it's on a pay site, and by using whoever's login/password it is, you're going to get them into a huge amount of trouble. As [livejournal.com profile] wendymr has pointed out, it's a site for professional career counselors and their clients, and my suspicion is that one of those clients leaked the password, probably to their friends, and it went wild from there. So, you know, for the sake of this poor counselor, please tell people to delete or lock their meme entries or not participate at all. I don't know if the counselor can change his/her password, either.
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For once, I found Awards that I like!

The Tater Top Awards by Kristen of E!

Okay, I voted for BSG in all the categories possible because I know it's the show that gets the least votes among my favorites.

Speaking of BSG... no Aaron Douglas at the con this we ;___;
He has a family emergency, I hope it's not too serious.

Oh well, looks like I'm not very lucky with guests.

I've been lurking on the Buffy con (in Paris, November) and boy, remember how I told you about limited tickets for a private dinner with the guests at the cost of 200 euros? All the tickets are sold out. Whoa. I pre-booked a one-day ticket because I'll only be able to go on Saturday anyway. I really hope Nathan does not cancel. Now I'm being a bit cautious with my expectations. They're still negociating to get more actors (James Marsters?) and even God Joss Whedon (which inspired me a crack!dialogue between him and Queen of the Universe JKR)

spoiler casting for Lost )


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