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So yeah, I FINALLY saw it! Yesterday afternoon, with my mom and 15 other people lol. Sadly, in French.

BEST HP MOVIE BY FAR. There's NO contest. Why didn't they make all of them like that?

I don't even know where to start! I'm gonna try to go chronological with general thoughts mixed in.

- The opening scenes are amazing, with Scrimgeour's speech (Bill Nighy = brilliant). I'm glad there weren't many people in the theater because I burst into tears when Hermione erased her parents' memories (GREAT added scene) and then when Harry visited his cupboard. I missed Harry&Dudley's handshake but I loved the look on Petunia's face. OMG the scene at Malfoy Manor. PERFECTION. I've just re-read the book and it's just so PERFECT. I knew from that instant that that movie was going in the right direction.

- question: I've only rewatched OotP recently so I can't remember but do previous movies introduce the mirror? Otherwise it's just random to have Harry play with a shard of it and seeing a face.

- the Seven Potters lololol I loved that they kept little things like Fred&George saying they don't want to get stuck as Harry and after that how they're identicals, and Hermione mentioning Harry's bad sight and Fleur saying she's ugly (and how she cuddles to Bill later lol). And they didn't need to but they used the different means of transportation, bike and brooms and thestrals when they could have gone just with the bike and brooms (less CGI!).

- "hey! I'm Bill btw! And I'm marrying Fleur!" lol so random but that's a flaw inherited from the previous movies (poor Charlie never even showed up in the movies, aww)

- that action scene was crazy! so fast it was hard to see what was going on sometimes! poor Hedwig :(

- didn't mind that they all directly arrived at the Burrow, good scene to cut

- At the Burrow! Again so perfect! George being "holey"! Hermione running to Ron to hug him and Tonks saying he was so brave and then Harry hugging Ron&Hermione, I teared up again, it felt so genuine. Lupin and Kingsley with their "are you someone else?" tests!

- btw I'm SO glad they chose to ignore the stupid things Lupin did in book 7, again, a good choice!!!

- and then the news about Mad-Eye :( sad but they don't linger on it because they know it's not over and won't be the last casualty. Well done.

- Do non-readers manage to grasp what's going on in Harry's visions? I mean, he often explains them out loud to the others but still, it goes so fast and non-readers might not remember Ollivander just like that for instance

- cutting scenes of wedding preparation, different circumstances for the Harry/Ginny kiss that give us a funny George bit = I approve

- the Will of Dumbledore = awesome. He said all his names! Ron being the only one knowing about Beedle The Bard! Scrimgeour waiting for the Snitch to react to Harry's touch! Just perfect.

- didn't expect Harry to be playing with the Snitch so much lol, didn't mind, just never thought of that

- again, I loved the use of the newspapers as an efficient way to tell us what's going on, like when the Death Eaters take over the Ministry (on a sidenote, I don't get why they don't subtitle the titles in French, rather than having some characters read it out loud... sometimes. Other times they just don't translate them. Stupid.)

- the wedding was lovely, the Lovegoods are perfect, lol at Elphias Doge and Auntie Muriel (they don't say it's her in the movie but we know! haha), didn't mind the couple of changes (Harry looking like himself, no Krum, etc.), the scene with the Patronus saying the Minister is dead and they're coming is haunting

- more perfect things: Hermione's beaded bag, escaping the Death Eaters, going to Grimmauld Place, Dumbledore as a security system, Ron&Hermione looking like they fell asleep holding hands ♥ I loved that in the book

- Kreacher's explanations were enough, no need to describe how he went to the cave with Voldemort. I thought Hermione talked to him too rashly (the little she said to him) though but that might be the dubbing. There's not really anything about Kreacher warming up to the trio but maybe they won't have him with the house-elves at the Battle of Hogwarts.

- the piano scene was cute ^^

- they obviously reintroduced Dobby here to remind people of him before his big scene and death. Didn't mind the change, I understand the purpose.

- that's really not how I was picturing Mundungus btw, I never paid attention to his description but I thought he'd be taller (also, based on the movies, one may wonder why he ever had access to Grimmauld Place)

- the Ministry: I thought the 3 adult actors (Cattermole, Runcorn, Mafalda) did a good job portraying the trio in different bodies (except maybe the way Harry walked lol what was that?). Again, it follows the story perfectly, down to Mad-Eye's magical eye in Umbridge's door (love this kind of details)

- Ron splinching looked so painful omg you know, you read about it in the books but when you see it on screen... ouch

- the whole part about Ron not being able to travel was weird, and so was the scene with Hermione's perfume getting detected by the Snatchers (their boss looks like he moonlights as an understudy for Mozart l'Opéra Rock lol - this is not a compliment btw) but I get that it was to show how the protective spells worked + familiarize the audience with the Snatchers + giving doubts to Ron

- I liked how they showed the influence the locket has on everyone's moods (well, the boys), and how they spend a long time moving from place to place not knowing what to do next. They're never seen discussing what the other horcruxes are though, but that can wait until the next movie.

- The scene with Ron leaving the other two is great

- I thought Harry&Hermione dancing was ridiculous but I didn't mind it so much as you can see Harry's doing this to cheer her up.

- Godric's Hollow was great, didn't miss the Potters statue, I think it might have been too much actually. The cemetary scene aww I would have teared up if some jerks hadn't been talking loud in the back of the theater, distracting me a bit. Bathilda looked creepy and I always had trouble picturing the snake coming out of her in the book but I think it looked good in the movie. Hermione finding the corpse was creepy too (even if we don't see it, the blood on the walls and the flies buzzing around is explicit enough). The guy sitting next to me was so startled when the snake attacked lol.

- I'm gonna talk about this now as this is when Hermione reads the book. => One of the things I like least about the movie is the lack of development of Dumbledore's backstory with his mother, sister and Grindelwald. They just briefly mention that they lived in Godric's Hollow because his father killed some Muggles and that he has a brother. As for Grindelwald, he's just shown as Dumbledore's childhood friend but no hint about why this is scandalous. I hope this will be addressed in part 2.

- Another thing I didn't like: the Horcrux!Harry&Hermione kiss. Ew. Why suddenly so graphic? Did they have to be naked? Otherwise they looked great, a bit like Galadriel when she almost takes he Ring, beautiful but terrible. Also, no talk about it between Harry and Ron afterwards? You know Steve Kloves adapted the movie when the "she's like my sister" line mysteriously disappears from the story. It's the discussion that settles things once and for all (well not that you need it if you've been aware of the zillion hints before, but still). *rolls eyes* But everything else from that scene was great. Including when they meet again with Hermione.

- I don't get why they changed how the deluminator worked, seriously. It sounded cheesy. And I just love the "he knew I'd want to leave"/"no, he knew you'd always want to come back" exchange in the book. But the scene with Harry trying the new wand was funny.

- Ron siding with Hermione to get back into her good graces haha. The scenes at the Lovegoods' were great and when Hermione started to read (and Ron interrupting! exactly like in the book! so good) I thought "ok she's just gonna read the story? isn't this gonna be dull?" and then the animation started. LOVED it. It looked gorgeous and was brilliant to explain it all.

- The escape from the Lovegoods' confused me. Did the Death Eaters show up because Xenophilius said "Voldemort"? Because it was never explained that the name was taboo. And so they just happen to run into the Snatchers after that? A little bit coincidental... oh well...

- WTF at Grindelwald telling Voldemort where the Elder Wand is just like that

- random thought: I didn't miss Potterwatch, I think it works well on paper but maybe not so well on film and it takes time to explain without being essential to the plot.

- Malfoy Manor! It's obvious that Draco knew that it was indeed Harry (and Ron and Hermione!) but that he didn't want to be part of this. Draco's a villain but he's not evil. Speaking of evil, holy shit Bellatrix. First going crazy on the Snatchers and then the way she tortures Hermione! I wish they had Ron screaming her name from the dungeons though. Luna ♥.

- Maybe the thing I disliked the most: Dobby stunning (killing?) Wormtail instead of him being killed by his silver hand. I really cared about his debt to Harry being his downfall. If he's not dead, I hope he'll die in part 2 because him being the only Marauder alive would be just... ugh.

- lol at Dobby just unscrewing the chandelier and making noise. The scene of him just standing up to his past masters was great... as his death was sad. :(( Cried again. Very well-acted scene. Love that they kept Luna's line about his eyes.

- it was a bit weird to see the movie end with Voldemort and The Elder Wand, HP movies are used to ending with the trio and it feels like the end of something. But yeah, this is part 1.

ETA: Neville's one scene was SO BADASS!!!

I think that's it.

Link me to your posts about it! I know I skipped a lot of them.

Date: 2010-12-01 09:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mellafe.livejournal.com
I'm reading now, so in the meantime:


Date: 2010-12-01 09:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mellafe.livejournal.com
Apparently, we'll get a buttload of extras in the DVD so we will see Krum. YAY. Also, isn't it Elphias Dodge? I kept thinking they mispelled the name. :P

The piano scene is already one of my favorites. I mean, THE LOOK. Unf.

I didn't picture Mundungus like that either. And you're not the first or the second person to agree with me. Weird, huh?

I wanted to see the memorial. I do think it would've helped the overall feeling, you know, of what it means to have Harry fighting and what it means to the Wizarding World. IDK, it was one of the things I loved in the last book. One of the few I did cry and all.

The animation for the 3 Brothers story is probably my favorite bit in the entire movie. It was so perfect. Beautiful.

I figured people who haven't read the books won't get why the Death Eaters magically appear at the Lovegoods. WE know it's because Xeno said the name, but they won't. Ha. GO READ THE BOOK, SUCKERS.

That's all I've got.

Date: 2010-12-01 09:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] prlrocks.livejournal.com
My massive review: http://prlrocks.livejournal.com/232651.html

Me and you seem to see eye to eye on most stuff. :D While I adore this movie (my favorite by far), I too was annoyed by the Wormtail not dying and by Grindelwald giving up the information on the Elder Wand. Both facts are very important character moments in my mind and were making a point.

I admit I kind of liked the main Snatchers look.

Date: 2010-12-02 04:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cariadusclan.livejournal.com
Thank you, thank you , I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Seriously, my thoughts exactly. I so wish they had been able to do all the other books justice in this way, but i know it wouldn't have been practical.

Oh, the Kreacher thing, I don't think it was the dubbing. Emma Watson delivered the line in a too-harsh way, too, i thought.

Date: 2010-12-02 04:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cariadusclan.livejournal.com
oh sorry, my post was just a drive-by report, but here it is: http://cariadusclan.livejournal.com/219211.html

Date: 2010-12-04 04:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zombie_boogie.livejournal.com
My HP post is here! I pretty much agree with all of your thoughts.


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